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Kiss and Tell (1945) was a Comedy - Film Adaptation Film directed by Richard Wallace and produced by Sol C. Siegel.

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Dexter Franklin: [entering after Corliss says that Dexter is the father of her baby] Hi, everybody.
Harry Archer: Get out of my sight, you vile, unspeakable, shameless, filthy, little swine!
Dexter Franklin: [thinking he's referring to the previous day when he had slapped Corliss on the arm] Gee whiz, I'm sorry. It'll never happen again.
Janet Archer: Harry, please, I implore, control yourself. Murdering him isn't going to do any good.
Dexter Franklin: Holy cow. It was Corliss' fault as much as it was mine.
Harry Archer: You filthy, little cad!
Corliss Archer: Oh, Dexter! Dexter, you don't know what you're saying!
Dexter Franklin: [to Corliss] Holy cow, I asked you not to tell him. But - but Mr. Archer, it was all in fun.
Corliss Archer: Oh, Daddy, please. Please, don't kill him!

Lt. Lenny Archer: Look, you've got to help me. Can you keep a secret?
Corliss Archer: Cross my heart.
Lt. Lenny Archer: Mildred and I were married this morning.
Corliss Archer: Oh, Lenny! What are Mom and Daddy going to say?
Lt. Lenny Archer: Well, I was going to break it to them tonight, but now with this new row going -
Corliss Archer: Does anybody know? About your being married, I mean?
Lt. Lenny Archer: Not a soul. We drove across the state line to Windham Ferry and dug up a justice of the peace. He and his wife are the only ones who know. Except you.
Corliss Archer: But you're gonna tell Mom and Daddy, aren't you?
Lt. Lenny Archer: I don't know. I'm afraid now her parents might move heaven and earth to have it annulled.
Corliss Archer: Could they?
Lt. Lenny Archer: I guess they could. She lied about her age on the license.
Corliss Archer: Golly. How awful
Lt. Lenny Archer: Awful is right.
Corliss Archer: Gosh. That makes Mildred my sister-in-law, doesn't it?

Corliss Archer: Were you treating Betty Campbell to a coke? That frizzed out blonde?
Dexter Franklin: I was - well, we just happend to meet. I mean, gee, well, well as a matter of fact, it was a root beer.
Corliss Archer: Dexter Franklin, kindly leave this property at once.
Dexter Franklin: Well, holy cow, I tell you -
Corliss Archer: If there is one thing I will not stand for, it's fragrant infidelity!
Mildred Pringle: The word is flagrant, Corliss.
Corliss Archer: Well, what did I say?
Dexter Franklin: You said fragrant.
Corliss Archer: Well, I meant it. Your behavior stinks! Now get out!

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Kiss and Tell opened at the Biltmore Theater on March 17, 1943 and ran for an incredible 956 performances.
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