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King Creole Overview:

King Creole (1958) was a Crime - Drama Film directed by Michael Curtiz and produced by Hal B. Wallis and Paul Nathan.

The film was based on the novel A Stone for Danny Fisher written by Harold Robbins published in 1952.

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King Creole (1958): musical noir

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King Creole (1958): musical noir H? muitos debates sobre o que ? noir. O noir ? um movimento ou um g?nero? Sendo movimento, significa que filmes de qualquer g?nero podem ser considerados noir? Sendo g?nero, o noir pode coexistir com outros g?neros? O que eu quero dizer ?: pode haver com?dia ... Read full article

King Creole (1958)

By Beatrice on Oct 3, 2016 From Flickers in Time

King Creole Directed by Michael Curtiz Written by Herbert Baker and Michael V. Gazzo from a novel by Harold Robbins 1958/USA Wallis-Hazen First viewing/Netflix rental Elvis was still making A movies with this one. ?The director, co-stars, and music are first class. Danny Fisher (Elvis Presley) ca... Read full article

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Quotes from

Mr. Fisher: Look, son! You know you didn't fail because your marks were bad, Mr. Evans said you failed because of your attitude. He said anybody that disagreed with you got a punch in the mouth. Is that what I brought you up to do, to fight?
Danny Fisher: No, pa, that's not what you brought me up to do, but I stopped listening to you! I ran out of other cheeks! You know, I remember once, Pop, when I was no more than 3 feet high you took me to the circus. You accidentally bumped into some guy and he turned around and punched you. He punched you right in the mouth, and you know what you did? Nothing! Nothing! When they swing at you, pop, it's not enough to duck, you gotta swing back! Maybe you can't anymore, but I'm not taking after you. You go to school, I'm going out and make a buck.

Ronnie: Maybe we'll meet some place by accident.
Danny Fisher: Will you tell me where you think the accident will take place and I'll make sure I'm there.

Mr. Evans: Now, you've just been told that you're not graduating tomorrow. Doesn't that mean anything to you?
Danny Fisher: You said I'm not graduating. OK, that's it. Now what do you want?
Mr. Evans: I once had a son, Danny. He lived 13 years. Some hoodlums jumped him one night, and he died.
Danny Fisher: I'm sorry. But what's that got to do with me?
Mr. Evans: Because you have all the earmarks of being a hoodlum.
Danny Fisher: Aw!
Mr. Evans: A hoodlum or a hustler, whatever you want to call it.
Danny Fisher: This isn't principal talk.
Mr. Evans: Well, the more difficult the student, the more I try to lean over backwards.
Danny Fisher: Listen, Mr. Evans. We moved into this neighborhood 3 years ago. In that 3 years that I've been going to school here, I've shined shoes and dusted people off in a barbershop. I've done towel duty in 4 different men's rooms. I've stacked chairs and bottles and swept the floor up of every joint on Bourbon Street. It's gotten so I look longer at a dame with clothes on than one without. I'm not a hoodlum. But I am a hustler. I've had to be for a very simple reason - my old man. You see, sir, my mother was killed in an accident about 3 years ago. Well, after that, it might as well have gotten the old man too, because he took himself right out of the lineup. He quit cold. He lost the drugstore that he owned, he lost the house, and then finally what few little jobs he's had since. You know, maybe I could've liked school, Mr. Evans. But every time I wanted to play ball, I had to go to work. Somebody had to. Anyway, now I'm through. I'm through.
Mr. Evans: I wasn't aware that you worked after school, Danny.
Danny Fisher: It's not the working after school, Mr. Evans, it's the working before. It's been nice talking to you.
[shakes hands with Mr. Evans]
Mr. Evans: I'm sorry I said what I did, Danny.
Danny Fisher: That's all right. My life's a long way from over yet. And you never know. You may be right.

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Facts about

Michael Curtiz thought Elvis Presley would become wonderful actor.
Last Black & White movie Elvis Presley made, and most definitely a "film noir".
As of 2009, the stripper's scene - absent since 1958 - has been restored, along with her song "Banana".
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