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Just Around the Corner (1938) was a Comedy - Musical Film directed by Irving Cummings and produced by Darryl F. Zanuck and David Hempstead.

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Waters: [to the police] Solitary confinement for me! Lock me up and throw away the key! I come, I come happy!

Penny Hale: Why is everything so mixed up?
Jeff Hale: Well, maybe this picture will help you understand.
[showing her a political cartoon of Uncle Sam in the newspaper]
Jeff Hale: You see all these people? They're all pulling on this one poor fellow.
Penny Hale: What has he done?
Jeff Hale: He's done everything he can, and it still isn't enough. He gives and he gives, and he tries to make everything right.
Penny Hale: Is he the president?
Jeff Hale: He's greater than the president. He's the most important man in the whole country, maybe in the world.
Penny Hale: Why doesn't somebody try to help Uncle Sam instead of pulling on him?
Jeff Hale: Lots of us try.

Penny Hale: I'll bet you get pretty tired of it all, don't you, Uncle Sam?
Samuel G. Henshaw: Tired? I'm sick of the whole kit and kaboodle! Who are you?
Penny Hale: I'm Penny.
Samuel G. Henshaw: Oh, is that what you're waiting for? Here.
[handing her a penny]
Penny Hale: No, thank you!
Samuel G. Henshaw: Why not?
Penny Hale: There are too many people taking money from you now. I wouldn't dream of it. I'll be around about this time everyday. If you need anymore help, just call me and I'll come. Goodbye, Uncle Sam. Keep your chin up!

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This was the last of four films to pair Shirley Temple with Bill Robinson.
One of the kids calls Penny "Bright Eyes". This is a reference to Shirley Temple's earlier hit film, Bright Eyes.
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Also directed by Irving Cummings

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Also produced by Darryl F. Zanuck

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Also released in 1938

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