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Johnny Allegro (1949) was a Crime - Drama Film directed by Ted Tetzlaff and produced by Irving Starr.

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Morgan Vallin: I still have one more arrow. It's a silver one. Remember, Johnny? I can't miss with this one. I told you I was a bad loser.
Glenda Chapman: Morgan, what are you doing?
Morgan Vallin: You're just in time to say goodbye to your friend.
Glenda Chapman: Why, Morgan? What happened?
Morgan Vallin: Apparently you didn't find out all about him. You've been a gullible little fool. He's an informer working with the authorities. Well, what's your decision now?
Glenda Chapman: There's only one to do, Morgan.
Morgan Vallin: I told you, Mr. Allegro. I have the advantage of knowing Glenda.
Glenda Chapman: Why not give him the chance you'd give any animal?
Morgan Vallin: That's right, and you have an advantage over an animal. You can think. I'll give you a five second start. One. Two. Three. Four.
[Glenda knocks the arrow out of his hand]

Morgan Vallin: When did you happen to contract malaria, Johnny?
Johnny Allegro: Down in the South Pacific, in the last war.
Morgan Vallin: War hero, eh?
Johnny Allegro: Nah. I was standing in a bar one night when a mosquito flew in and bit me.

Morgan Vallin: [Allegro puts crumpled newspapers just inside the door of his room, and he also turns off the lamps so the main switch can't turn them on. This is to give him a warning in case Vallin tries to come into the room. Vallin does try to come in, carrying a bow and arrow, and he makes noise walking on the newspapers] That's a smart trick, Mr. Allegro.
[He flips the light switch, but the lights don't come on]
Morgan Vallin: And that's another smart trick. Are you there, John Allegro? Of course you are, and you know I'd use the sound of your voice to judge your position. Grudgingly, my respect for you mounts, Johnny. Good night. I'll see you in the morning.

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Also directed by Ted Tetzlaff

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Also released in 1949

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