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Johnny Allegro (1949) was a Crime - Drama Film directed by Ted Tetzlaff and produced by Irving Starr.

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Pelham Vetch: There seems to be some misunderstanding here. No, there is a stronger word. You know the word. Treason.
Morgan Vallin: That's too strong a word. I resent it.
Pelham Vetch: And for which there are stronger consequences, which you will resent even more.

Glenda Chapman: Underestimated Morgan, didn't you? And you know how it irks him to be underestimated.
Johnny Allegro: No wonder. I've known a lot of smart guys, but that's genius.
Morgan Vallin: Then perhaps you've changed your mind about the necessity for carrying a gun.
Johnny Allegro: From now on, call me Robin Hood.
Morgan Vallin: Well, you're hardly the type, but you're responding to treatment.

Morgan Vallin: When did you happen to contract malaria, Johnny?
Johnny Allegro: Down in the South Pacific, in the last war.
Morgan Vallin: War hero, eh?
Johnny Allegro: Nah. I was standing in a bar one night when a mosquito flew in and bit me.

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Also directed by Ted Tetzlaff

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Also released in 1949

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