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Jezebel Overview:

Jezebel (1938) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by William Wyler and produced by William Wyler, Hal B. Wallis and Henry Blanke.

Jezebel was inducted into the National Film Registry in 2009.

Academy Awards 1938 --- Ceremony Number 11 (source: AMPAS)

Best ActressBette DavisWon
Best Supporting ActressFay BainterWon
Best CinematographyErnest HallerNominated
Best Music - ScoringMax SteinerNominated
Best PictureWarner Bros.Nominated

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Quotes from

Julie Marsden: Would you like to see my new dress?
Preston Dillard: That's what I wanted to do all day!
Julie Marsden: Well, let me go. There it is.
Preston Dillard: For the Olympus Ball?
Julie Marsden: Isn't it lovely!
Preston Dillard: Julie! It's red!
Julie Marsden: It's gorgeously red!
Preston Dillard: You can't wear red to the Olympus Ball!
Julie Marsden: Why not!
Preston Dillard: You never saw an unmarried girl in anything but white!
Julie Marsden: Well you're going to see one tomorrow night!
Preston Dillard: Julie, you can't be serious!
Julie Marsden: Are you afraid someone will take me for one of those girls from Gallatan street?
Preston Dillard: Julie!
Julie Marsden: Oh I'm sorry! I forgot, I'm a child. I'm not supposed to know about things like Gallatan street! I'm just supposed to flutter around in white!
Preston Dillard: You're supposed to know better than to scandalize the whole town!
Julie Marsden: [Looks unhappily at him] It might be bad for the bank of course! Will you please hold another directors meeting and ask 'em to decide what I can wear?
Preston Dillard: Julie for heavens sake! Will you be reasonable?
Julie Marsden: [Snaps back sadly] Where you reasonable this afternoon?
Preston Dillard: So that's It... Your just nursing a spite, well I'm not gonna let you! You made your point for what your going to do as I say! I'm calling for you tomorrow night at 10 and you are going to be dressed properly for the ball in white!
Julie Marsden: Am I? But of course Preston. If you say so.
Preston Dillard: Don't be absurd! Your own good sense will say so!
Julie Marsden: And it doesn't?
Preston Dillard: Then my sweet we will stay at

Buck Cantrell: I like my convictions undiluted, same as I do my bourbon.

Julie: Amy, of course it's your right to go. You're his wife. But are you fit to go? Lovin' him isn't enough. If you gave him all your strength, would it be enough?
Amy Bradford Dillard: I'll make him live or die with him.
Julie: Amy, Amy, do you know the Creole word for fever powder, for food and water? How to talk to a sullen, overworked black boy and make him fear you and help you? Pres's life and yours will hang on things just like that, and you'll both surely die.
Amy Bradford Dillard: Then it will have to be that way.
Julie: It's not a question of provin' your love by layin' down your life for Pres. Nothin' so easy. Have you the knowledge and the human strength to fight for his life and for your own as one will have to fight? Amy, it's no longer you or me.
Amy Bradford Dillard: What do you mean?
Julie: I'll make him live, I will. Whatever you might do, I can do more, 'cause I know how to fight better than you. Amy, if you knew the horror of that place. It isn't a hospital. It's a desolate island haunted by death. They'll put Pres in an open shed with a hundred others. You must be there with him day and night, watchin' every breath he draws. You must bathe him, keep him clean, give him drugs, fight for his food and water. You must keep the livin' from him and the dead. Be there by him with your body between him and Death.

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Facts about

Some scenes were filmed around Henry Fonda, to allow him to be with his wife as she gave birth to their daughter Jane Fonda, including scenes with the sometimes-prickly star, Bette Davis. As the star of the film Davis was within her rights to insist that Fonda remain until their scenes were finished, but she allowed him to complete his shots and leave.
According to Robert Osborne, Julie's red dress was actually bronze colored, because bronze showed up better on black and white film than red would.
At the time of filming director William Wyler and lead actor Henry Fonda were both ex-husbands of actress Margaret Sullavan.
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Released 1938
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