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I Was a Male War Bride Overview:

I Was a Male War Bride (1949) was a Comedy - Romance Film directed by Howard Hawks and produced by Sol C. Siegel.

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1001 Classic Movies: I Was a Male War Bride

By Amanda Garrett on Jun 27, 2016 From Old Hollywood Films

I Was a Male War Bride (1949), starring Ann Sheridan and Cary Grant, is one of the 1001 classic movies you should see. Each Monday, I'm going to recommend a classic movie you should see (for the reasons behind the 1001 series and reviews of earlier films covered go here). June is the traditional ... Read full article

I Was a Male War Bride (1949)

By Beatrice on Jun 11, 2015 From Flickers in Time

I Was a Male War Bride Directed by Howard Hawks Written by Charles Lederer, Leonard Spigelgass, and Hagar Wilde; story by Henri Rochard 1949/USA Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation First viewing/Amazon Instant This has a one-joke “idiot plot” and the stars seem a bit oddly cast but... Read full article

I Was a Male War Bride (1949)

By Judy on Apr 2, 2009 From Movie Classics

Seeing the names of Howard Hawks and Cary Grant together, I expected a lot from I Was a Male War Bride. Watching it, however, I felt slightly disappointed, as I soon realised this isn’t the masterpiece I’d expected – and nowhere near the sublime screwball comedy of their other coll... Read full article

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Quotes from

Lt. Kitty Lawrence: He could leave marks on me anytime. I'd bring the stick!

Soldier: You're not Mrs. Rochard!
Capt. Henri Rochard: I'm *Mr.* Rochard.
Soldier: Well, it's your *wife* who must report here for transportation to Bremerhaven.
Capt. Henri Rochard: According to the War Department, I *am* my wife.
Soldier: You can't be your wife!
Capt. Henri Rochard: If the American army says I can be my wife, who am I to dispute them?

Lt. Catherine Gates: [Rochard is holding a baby for a stranger. His wife and Kitty walk up, both laughing] Ah, Henri, you look so maternal!
Lt. Kitty Lawrence: What is that?
Capt. Henri Rochard: A human fire extinguisher. You wanna try it?
Lt. Kitty Lawrence: Oh, come on.
[takes baby andfrowns at its prodigious wetness]
Lt. Catherine Gates: Aww, he's cute. What's his name?
Capt. Henri Rochard: Niagara.
Lt. Kitty Lawrence: [shaking hand dry] Henri, what a thing to do.
Lt. Catherine Gates: Where's the mother?
Capt. Henri Rochard: She went to get *more* water.
Lt. Kitty Lawrence: She ought to get a plumber!

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Facts about

Actress Eleanor Audley starred as the assignment officer, she was also the voice of some of Disney's's greatest villains
Film debut of Edward Platt.
Ava Gardner was briefly considered for the part of Catherine.
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Also directed by Howard Hawks

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Also produced by Sol C. Siegel

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