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How to Commit Marriage (1969) was a Comedy - Romance Film directed by Norman Panama and produced by Bill Lawrence.

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Frank Benson: [meeting Poe for the first time in church] I'm in real estate.
Oliver Poe: But not deep enough. I have a horrible feeling we've met before. Does 7719 Hillside Drive mean anything to you?
Frank Benson: Isn't that a three bedroom, hillside colonial with patio, wet bar, and over-sized bay window? Nothing personal.
Oliver Poe: Tee-hee. You forgot to mention the hill in the back and the guaranteed retaining wall.
Frank Benson: Yeah, well... I sell so many, I forget the details.
Oliver Poe: Twenty thousand tons of mud in a swimming isn't exactly a detail!
[grabs Benson's arm]
Oliver Poe: The house was on a hill until it rained then the hill was on the house.
Oliver Poe: That was twenty years ago and they're still digging to find the backyard.
Frank Benson: Lower your voice, Poe. This is a church not a street corner.
Oliver Poe: Don't look down your nose at me you pompous, pious, prick. If I had known she was your daughter we wouldn't be standing here in two rented mummy suits waiting to sacrifice two nice kids on the alter of same ancient fertility rite.

Oliver Poe: [sees that Baba Ziba offers his employee the star suite] I don't understand, you're giving a menial the star dressing room?
The Baba Ziba: It is written that when the most humble enjoy the fruit then the wealthy become richer giving energy to those with all the benevolence upo,n and therefore to substantiate gives them the up-liberty for we, and the development of those that the umbilical upon those who we, and therefore many times over.
Oliver Poe: Superior wisdom... from a superior mind.
[rolls his eyes in disbelief]

Oliver Poe: [smoking a cigarette in church] I'm the victim's father.
Reverend Dempster: [greeting Laverne] This must be Mrs. Poe.
Oliver Poe: No, but she's auditioning.

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This movie is the film debut of the California progressive psychedelic hippie band "The Comfortable Chair", recording artists on CBS-Ode Records, whose six band members appear as themselves in the movie. They were discovered and produced by John Densmore and Robby Krieger of famous rock band The Doors. They are: Bernie Schwartz - lead vocals, Barbara Wallace - lead vocals, Gene Garfin - lead guitar, Gary Davis - bass guitar, Greg LeRoy - drums & percussion, and Tad Barczak - synthesizer & piano keyboards.
Last theatrical movie appearance of Jane Wyman.
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