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Hour of the Gun (1967) was a Western - Drama Film directed by John Sturges and produced by John Sturges.

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Dr. John 'Doc' Holliday: You got some kind of plan?
Wyatt Earp (Tombstone city marshal: I have.
Dr. John 'Doc' Holliday: Want to tell me about it?
Wyatt Earp (Tombstone city marshal: We take whoever gets in our way.
Dr. John 'Doc' Holliday: You call that a plan?
Wyatt Earp (Tombstone city marshal: You got a better one?

Wyatt Earp (Tombstone city marshal: A man's life... for fifty dollars. I'm gonna give you a chance to make another fifty dolars.
Andy Warshaw: I don't want such a chance.
Wyatt Earp (Tombstone city marshal: My men will stay back. I'm gonna count one, two, three. You can draw on two - I'll wait to three. If you get me, my boys won't bother you.

[the mortally wounded Morgan Earp whispers in Wyatt's ear]
Dr. John 'Doc' Holliday: What did he say?
Wyatt Earp (Tombstone city marshal: When we were kids, we used to argue about whether when you were dying, your whole life flashed in front of you or not. He said, "It ain't so, Wyatt."

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Facts about

Prior to production, United Artists had made it quite clear to director John Sturges that none of the primary roles were to be filled by the actors who played the same characters in Sturges' previous Wyatt Earp film, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Wanting to distinguish this film from the previous one, they demanded different actors be cast in the roles. However, Sturges believed that the roles of Virgil and Morgan Earp from the previous film were small enough that the same actors who played them could do it again without harming the film's uniqueness. The studio agreed and allowed Sturges to cast John Hudson (Virgil Earp) and DeForest Kelley (Morgan Earp). Unfortunately, Hudson had retired from acting in the early '60s and was unwilling to do the role. Kelley, on the other hand, was currently working on the TV series Star Trek and was unable to break away to play Morgan Earp. Thus, both Earp brothers were recast.
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