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Hitler's Children Overview:

Hitler's Children (1943) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Irving Reis and Edward Dmytryk and produced by Robert Golden.

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Dr. Schmidt: To the boys of Adolf Hitler, this hour can have but one meaning. At this hour when the Earth is closest to the Sun, when it is consecrating itself to the Sun, we have only one thought: we too must be close to our Sun. We too must consecrate our lives to our Sun, and the Sun that shines for us is Adolf Hitler. Attention! You will repeat after me the oath of allegiance to our Fuehrer! "I consecrate my life to Hitler."
[Boys repeat]
Dr. Schmidt: "I am ready to sacrifice my life for Hitler."
[Boys repeat]
Dr. Schmidt: "I am ready to die for Hitler."
[Boys repeat]
Dr. Schmidt: "My Savior, my Fuehrer!"
[Boys repeat]

Lieutenant Karl Bruner: [to Anna] Blood runs to blood, and German blood runs deep.

Professor Nichols: [Narration] That was the last we saw of Carl for a long time. He was swept up in the storm - the storm that was sweeping through all of Germany.

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Edward Dmytryk in his biography 'It's a Hell of a Life But Not a Bad Living', states: "A friend of mine, Irving Reis, had prepared and actually started shooting a film called 'Hitler's Children', an exploitation B. Irving was rather headstrong and somewhat touchy - a bad combination in Hollywood. After a few days, he got into a fight with producer Doc Golden Robert Golden. Getting his back up, he quit the film, expecting, so he told me later, to win a quick apology and a free hand. Instead, the studio said, 'As you wish,' and asked me to take over the direction. He gave me his blessing, asking only that his name be completely removed from the film's credits. The studio was willing and I went to work. I finished on schedule, cut and dubbed it, and turned it over to the distribution department. None of us at the studio was sure of what we had."
This movie is considered a Second World War wartime propaganda film of the United States.
Edward Dmytryk would later direct another Second World War propaganda picture for the same RKO studio, that film being Behind the Rising Sun.
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