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Helpmates (1932) was a Short Films - Comedy Film directed by James Parrott and produced by Hal Roach.

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Ollie: Why weren't you at the party last night?
Stan: I couldn't make it. I was bitten by a dog.
Ollie: I can't understand you. Spell it.
Stan: A dog bit me. B-I-it me. Bit me.
Ollie: Where?
Stan: [Rolls up sleeve and puts the telephone to the injured area] They had to take me to the hospital last night and they said I might have hydrophosphates.

Ollie: Do you realise that this is the only suit I've got left? It's enough to make a man burst out crying.
[Stan starts to cry]
Ollie: Shut Up! Don't you realise my wife will be home at noon?

Ollie: Get this house cleaned up! Do you know that my wife will be home at noon!
Stan: Say, what do you think I am? Cinderella? If I had any sense I'd walk out on you.
Ollie: Well it's a good thing you haven't any sense!
Stan: It certainly is!

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At one point Stan Laurel gives out a phone number, and it was his own personal number at the time.
The studio actually built a five-room fa├žade on an empty lot in Culver City, and then burned it down to shoot the final scenes of this short.
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Daring Darleen Candlewick
Also directed by James Parrott

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Also produced by Hal Roach

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Also released in 1932

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