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Help! (1965) was a Comedy - Musical Film directed by Richard Lester and produced by Walter Shenson.

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Paul: My skin's soaked right through to the skin!

George: [realizing the curling stone is actually a bomb] Hey, it's a thingie! A fiendish thingie!

Ringo: What was it that first attracted you to me?
John: Well, you're very polite, aren't you?

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While the Beatles are attempting to solve Ringo's ring problem at the jeweler's, George can be seen quietly shoplifting various jewels and slipping them into his overcoat pockets!
The "ferocious man-eating tiger" which terrifies Ringo in the cellar of the pub is actually only a cub; it appears to be about ten months old. A real full-grown tiger would be MUCH larger. In addition to this, Ringo was also behind several inches of glass, separating between him and the tiger (this was mentioned in the special edition DVD).
George Harrison was introduced to the sitar during the filming of the club scene, which features an Indian band playing an instrumental sitar version the song "Hard Day's Night".
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