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Hellfighters (1968) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and produced by Robert Arthur.

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Chance Buckman: [referring to the fact that Greg brings a girl to a different fire] What did you use for openers this time, the old headache gag? Why, you poor man, perhaps if I rubbed your neck?
Greg Parker: True - every word, true. But it works.
Chance Buckman: Can't say I blame you. A fellow as ugly as you are probably couldn't get to first base without a fire.

Chance Buckman: Exactly WHAT did you tell her about Madame Loo?
Greg Parker: Only that she's 80 years old, weighs 300 pounds and is one of your oldest friends.

Greg Parker: [after being awakened by a kiss from Tish] What are you doing here?
Chance Buckman: [being awakened by Greg's question] What's Tish doing here?
Madelyn Buckman: That was my idea.
Chance Buckman: Somebody wake me up!

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The character of Chance Buckman is based on real-life oil well firefighter 'Red' Adair.
When Tish Buckman and Greg Parker look at the house they plan to move into after they wed, it's the same house used as the Douglas home in My Three Sons. It was later used as one of the houses on "Wysteria Lane" in Desperate Housewives.
A burning oil well prompted the owner, present-day billionaire Phillip Anschutz, to call Red Adair, a famous firefighter who later put out the oil well fires during the Gulf War, to put out the blaze. To pay Adair, Anschutz persuaded Universal Studios to pay him $100,000 to film Adair putting out his well fire for "Hellfighters."
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Daring Darleen Candlewick
Also directed by Andrew McLaglen

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Also released in 1968

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