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Head (1968) was a Comedy - Musical Film directed by Bob Rafelson and produced by Jack Nicholson, Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider.

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Peter: MICKY! Micky! Micky! I'm the dummy, Micky. I'm always the dummy.
Micky Dolenz: You're right, Pete. You're always the dummy. I forgot. I'm sorry. Sorry. You're always the dummy, Pete. I'm sorry, sorry...

Davy: Psst! Hey, c'mere. Now this is serious. What ya say, you and me, go someplace where we wont bump into each other again?

Mike: Okay. You think they call us plastic now, babe, but wait 'til I get through telling them how we do it.

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Facts about

The "box" shown in several scenes in the film was inspired by a large square booth that was built for The Monkees during the filming of their TV show. Between takes, they grew bored and wandered around the studio, often getting lost, so studio brass had a large "room" built for them in one of the sound stages. According to one of the Monkees, they would spend time there studying their scripts, composing and playing music, and smoking (which they were forbidden to do on the set). Colored lights were added to the room to page whoever was needed on the set.
This film intersperses film clips featuring John Brockman (who engineered this film's promotional campaign) and The Rockettes, and scenes from the following movies: Gilda, Golden Boy, Jam Session, Salome, and The Black Cat.
Peter Tork was the only Monkee to appear on the set for the first scheduled day of filming - the others had decided to strike, in protest against not being allowed to write and direct the movie themselves. While they soon returned, feeling they'd made their point with producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider, the unity between the band and the producers was forever broken. For their part, Rafelson and Schneider began playing albums on the set by other groups like The Electric Flag, claiming, "That's REAL rock-n-roll."
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Also directed by Bob Rafelson

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Also released in 1968

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