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Have a Heart (1934) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by David Butler and produced by John W. Considine Jr..

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Dr. Spear: Dr. Perenz charges you according to what you have.
Joan O'Day: Hooray! We'll get him for nothing.
Dr. Spear: [Joan laughs.] All you'd need would be your hospital expenses, say, $500.
Sally Moore: Oh, well I haven't $500.
Joan O'Day: What're you talking about? You have 220, haven't you?
[Joan nods]
Joan O'Day: Well I have 106, and my poor brainless Gus has 80. Why, it's a cinch that in the next ten days we can get the balance. I'll get the money if I hafta... Well, nevermind, I'll get the money!

Joan O'Day: [to Gus] If ya HAD a brain, I'd brain ya!

Gus Anderson: [Joan, who's a beautician, is giving Gus a manicure] The trouble with you dizzy dames is ya don't know how to make big money.
Joan O'Day: Hold still, willya? I suppose you do. You're nothing but a bundle-wrapper outta work.
Gus Anderson: A shipping clerk in quest of a situation,
[takes his left hand out of the soaking solution, and shakes his wet finger at her]
Gus Anderson: if ya don't mind!
Joan O'Day: Hey, quit that, willya?
Gus Anderson: Besides, it won't be long until I'm one of the biggest racketeers in the country. I'm gonna be a success, I am. Wait and see.
Joan O'Day: I don't expect to live that long.
[holding his hand and making a mock gasp]
Joan O'Day: Mr. Baumgarten, what beautiful moons you have!
Gus Anderson: Aw, now look here smarty, come across willya? All I'm askin' is for five dollars of m'own money. I'll run it up to 200 over the weekend.
Joan O'Day: Hmm, like ya ran up that last five dollars I gave ya down to fourteen cents.
Gus Anderson: [As Joan starts to trim his nails with a scissors] Well, can't a fella get a bad break? Ouch! Go easy!
Joan O'Day: Alright, Clarissa.
Gus Anderson: I shoulda known better than to play cards on a rainy Friday the thirteenth.
Joan O'Day: Ya shoulda known better than to play cards with that mob of thieves ya hang around with. Ya know they cheatcha.
Gus Anderson: Well, maybe they do, a little. But they're such nice guys. Anyhow, I hafta learn the angles, haven't I? Besides, I've got a way of gettin' even with 'em if I just had a five-dollar stake.
[Tickling her under the chin with his wet hand]
Gus Anderson: Aw, ya look so pretty today, ducky-wucky.
Joan O'Day: [Wiping her chin with a towel] You know better than to ducky-wucky me.
Gus Anderson: Alright, alright, Brain Trust, if ya don't believe me, just look at this. Right there.
[He hands her a folded newspaper showing an ad that reads "SURPRISE YOUR FRIENDS! Get a pack of Sure-Fire Playing Cards. You can tell at a glance what cards your opponents hold in their hands!"]
Joan O'Day: [reading aloud from the ad] "IT CAN'T MISS! IT CAN'T FAIL! Send $2.00 today. P. O. Box 432, Wilmington, South Dakota." Well, I must say, that's a nice surprise for your friends. Did you send the two dollars?
Gus Anderson: The cards'll be here any day. Do I get the five?
Joan O'Day: Yo

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Also directed by David Butler

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Also produced by John W. Considine Jr.

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Also released in 1934

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