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Gun Battle at Monterey Overview:

Gun Battle at Monterey (1957) was a Action - Romance Film directed by Carl K. Hittleman and Sidney Franklin Jr. and produced by Carl K. Hittleman.

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Max Reno: How much do those dealers steal?
Kirby: No more than they can carry.
Max Reno: Crooks! See that they don't carry it too far.
Kirby: Everyone steals a little.
Max Reno: Not from me. Stealing is *my* business.

Jay Turner: Lady, where I come from they have an old saying, "It's not polite to ask a man his business unless you want to die."
Cleo: From the looks of those scars your manners must stink.
Jay Turner: Yeah. Yeah, I guess it is bad manners to turn your back on a man.

[first lines]
Max Reno: When the tide comes in, you'll be safe as if you were in your mother's arms. I picked this hideout a month ago. It's a beauty, ain't it? You're a lucky boy, Jim. You should have met me a long time ago.
Jay Turner: You'll never let me forget it, Reno...
Max Reno: What?
Jay Turner: How smart you are.

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