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Green Light (1937) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Frank Borzage and produced by Hal B. Wallis, Henry Blanke, Jack L. Warner and Frank Borzage.

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Green Light(1937).

By Dawn on Jun 20, 2012 From Noir and Chick Flicks

Green Light (1937). Directed by Frank Borzage. Cast: Errol Flynn, Anita Louise and Margaret Lindsay.The film is adapted from a novel written by Lloyd C. Douglas. The novel is related to Douglas' previous book, Magnificent Obsession, which was also turned into a movie. Young surgeon Newell Paige, li... Read full article

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Sheriff: [to Paige] The people ain't mean, Doc; they're scared.

Dean Harcourt: I'm alive simply because I have a job to do. You take away my job, you take away my life.
Dr. Newell Paige: Yes, a man must have something to live for, musn't he?
Dean Harcourt: Or something to die for.
Dr. Newell Paige: [Smiles] I can't think of something to die for. However, maybe something will turn up.

Dean Harcourt: I imagine we come here for the same purpose... to look off into eternity.
Dr. Newell Paige: I don't think I'm very much concerned with eternity. My job's with the present.
Dean Harcourt: The present troubles you?
Dr. Newell Paige: Yes, a little. One has ideals... Troublesome things, ideals. They get in the way of logic, fair thinking. Eternity?
[He shakes his head]
Dr. Newell Paige: After all, the patient feels just as much pain today even though tomorrow he thinks he may be sitting on the edge of a cloud, strumming a harp.
Dean Harcourt: And you're concerned with curing today's pain so the patient won't... uh... join the Heavenly Host.
Dr. Newell Paige: Right.
Dean Harcourt: Narurally as a physician you believe that...
Dr. Newell Paige: [Interrupting] How did you know I'm a physician?
Dean Harcourt: You just told me.
Dr. Newell Paige: [laughs to himself] Right.
Dean Harcourt: Tou know, you and I are in the same sort of business. If I concern myself more with eternity, it's because my job is with the soul, rather than with the body.
Dr. Newell Paige: Preacher?
Dean Harcourt: I much prefer to be known as a teacher.

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When Phyllis is in Dean Harcourt's office, she refers to his receptionist and the greeting she received in his waiting room. Phyllis' reaction to learning that the woman was a counselee of the dean, not a receptionist, should carry some dramatic impact, but the scene is not in the print, a casualty of the cutting room floor.
"Lux Radio Theater" broadcast a 60 minute radio adaptation of the movie onJanuary 31, 1938 with Errol Flynn reprising his film role.
After his first two starring films, "Captain Blood" and "The Charge of the Light Brigade," Errol Flynn asked Warners to find him a non-swashbuckling role. "Green Light" was the result. However, he was back with sword in hand for his next, "The Prince and the Pauper."
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Also directed by Frank Borzage

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Also produced by Hal B. Wallis

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Also released in 1937

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