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Goldfinger (1964) was a Action - Thriller/Suspense Film directed by Guy Hamilton and produced by Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli.

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Cary Grant IS James Bond in "Goldfinger"

By Rick29 on Oct 3, 2013 From Classic Film & TV Cafe

Bond using a gold phone. In his third outing as Ian Fleming's debonair James Bond, Cary Grant has made the role his own. Goldfinger, which opened yesterday at the Bijou, provides Grant's secret agent with a meatier story and the series' best villain yet in the guise of Sydney Greenstreet. Greenstr... Read full article

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James Bond: What would it take for you to see things my way?
Pussy Galore: A lot more than you've got.
James Bond: How do you know?
Pussy Galore: I don't want to know.

Q: Now this one I'm particularly keen about. You see the gear lever here? Now, if you take the top off, you will find a little red button. Whatever you do, don't touch it.
James Bond: Yeah, why not?
Q: Because you'll release this section of the roof, and engage and then fire the passenger ejector seat. Whish!
James Bond: Ejector seat? You're joking!
Q: I never joke about my work, 007.

Q: [Showing Bond a tracking device] Reception on the dashboard, here. Audo-visual
Q: , range a hundred and fifty miles.
James Bond: Ingenious, and useful too. Allow a man to stop off for a quick one en route.
Q: It has not been perfected, out of years of patient research, ENTIRELY for that purpose, 007. And incidentally, we'd appreciate its return, along with all your other equipment, INTACT for once, when you return from the field.
James Bond: Well, you'd be surprised the amount of wear and tear that goes on out there in the field.

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The title song is the first of three title songs sung by Shirley Bassey for Bond movies, the others being title songs for Diamonds Are Forever and Moonraker. The "Goldfinger" song was the first James Bond title song to crack the Billboard Top 10, peaking at #8 in February 1965.
The part of Jill Masterson was initially offered to Shirley Anne Field, who turned it down.
This won the first Academy Award for a James Bond movie. It was for Best Sound Effects and it was won by Norman Wanstall. Thunderball won a Special Visual Effects Oscar the following year and producer Albert R. Broccoli was awarded the Irving Thalberg Award in 1982. Ironically, the gilded Oscar statuette and the gilded girl in the film have such an uncanny resemblance making Goldfinger fittingly the first Bond movie to receive an Oscar.
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