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God's Little Acre Overview:

God's Little Acre (1958) was a Comedy - Drama Film directed by Anthony Mann and produced by Sidney Harmon.

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Uncle Felix: Mr. Ty Ty, you oughta' be out raisin' cotton. You're a good farmer - that is, you USED to be. Why, Mr. Ty Ty, you can raise more cotton on this land in one season than you can find gold in a whole lifetime. It's a waste of everything, Mr. Ty Ty, diggin' them holes all over the place.
Ty Ty Walden: Well, now, I wish I had spent a little more time on the cotton, that's for sure. If I had 20 or 30 bales to tide me over the fall and winter, I could devote all the rest of my time to diggin'!
Uncle Felix: But Mr. Ty Ty, where're we gonna' get enough grub to carry us through another winter?
Ty Ty Walden: We use my credit, like we did last winter!
Uncle Felix: The store man says you ain't got enough credit to grease the end of your nose.
Ty Ty Walden: Felix, I'm sorry about that, but there's nothing' I can do. I just GOT to go on diggin'. I got the fever! Ya' can't stop the fever!

Bill Thompson: I'm gonna' pull a switch and light up the whole world!

Ty Ty Walden: [Expressing his contempt for alcohol] It's all the devil's brew. Cleanest drinking water right in our own back yard. I owe my health and long life to just plain well water.

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Facts about

Joan Collins originally sought for one of female leads.
Film debut of Tina Louise.
A 1967 re-release attempted to appeal to the new generation by playing up the sex in the advertisements. The '67 poster featured the drawing of a topless woman underneath a bare-chested man on a bed, as well as a topless (but chaste) photo of co-star Fay Spain that was definitely not in the picture itself! For this re-release, Tina Louise was given top-billing and Michael Landon went from tenth billing in 1958 to second billing this time.
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