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Forty-Ninth Parallel (1941) was a Drama - War Film directed by Michael Powell and produced by Michael Powell and George H. Brown.

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Lieutenant Hirth: Yes, I am a Nazi. Heil Hitler!

[last lines]
Andy Brock: Put 'em up Nazi... No not that way.
[He raises his hands to fight]
Andy Brock: This way. Cuz I'm not askin for those pants... I'm just taking 'em.

Andy Brock: The government says, "We want men to fight the Nazis, join today." So I joined. I figured they were in a hurry. That was three hundred and eighty seven days ago. Four divisions and a lot of drafts have gone overseas, and what's number B987642 doing? Guarding the Chippewa Canal. Who'd want to steal it anyway?

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Commissioned by the Ministry of Information to raise worldwide awareness (American in particular) of the Nazi threat. However, it was intended for Canadian consumption also, as many French Canadians did not want to be at war with Germany and did not want to fight. Vichy France was an ally of Nazi Germany, and many French Canadians in Quebec were pro-German. One of the reasons Laurence Olivier, the biggest star in the film, played a French Canadian trapper named Johnny who tells the Nazi officer he is a "Canadian" in the film and not "French" was that it was intended also as propaganda to promote pro-British feeling in Quebec. When Canada resorted to conscription to swell the ranks of its Army, there were draft riots throughout Quebec, so intense was the feeling against the United Kingdom, which of course had subjugated New France less than 200 years before. Anti-war sentiment was so rife throughout Canada, Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King declared that only volunteers would be shipped off to Europe.
In the final scene of the film, showing the box car carrying the German sailor and Canadian soldier being returned from the U.S. to Canada, shows the train moving backwards right to left over the Niagara River which is flowing towards the screen. This is a geographic impossibility: the Niagara River flows south to north, with the U.S. shore always west of the Canadian shore. As a result, the film shows the train moving from Canada to the U.S.; a correct shot would have shown either the train moving left to right or the river flowing away from the screen.
Raymond Massey, Leslie Howard and Laurence Olivier all agreed to work for half their usual fee for the war effort.
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