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Flight to Mars (1951) was a Science Fiction - Adventure Film directed by Lesley Selander and produced by Walter Mirisch.

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Carol Stafford: [as Terris is showing off the conveniences of a Martian apartment] What I want to see is the kitchen.
Terris: The kitchen?
Carol Stafford: Yes, where food is prepared.
Terris: Oh, we don't have kitchens. We call it the food laboratory, and we have a large one for each district. You order your food. It is delivered ready to be served.
Carol Stafford: This is a woman's paradise.
Terris: As a matter of fact, I assumed you might be hungry and ordered some things for you. They should be here by now.
[she presses a button and a caddy full of drinks and food comes out of the wall]
Terris: Everything is here waiting to be eaten. When you're finished, you just put everything back, close it up, and press this button. That's all there is to it!
Carol Stafford: No dishwashing?
Terris: Well, that's all taken care of mechanically.
Carol Stafford: Terris, I love you!

Steve Abbott: Dr. Lane, I once heard of a man who climbed a higher mountain than anyone else alive, but he was never able to get down again. What's left of him is still up there.
Dr. Lane: The point is, Steve, he made it.

Dr. Jim Barker: I think maybe we'll play a little bridge.
Dr. Lane: Bridge? If you introduce that game on this planet, people will never forgive you.

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The name of Marguerite Chapman's character is derived from the Queen of Mars from the classic Soviet silent film Aelita: Queen of Mars.
In the scene where the reporter and one of the professors go back to check for damage. The round red object he opens up is a complete (minus 2 machine guns) belly ball turret for a B-17 bomber from World War II. It is minus it's revolving and raising and lowering mechanisms.
The suits that the Martians wear were leftovers from Destination Moon.
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Also directed by Lesley Selander

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Also produced by Walter Mirisch

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Also released in 1951

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