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Fire Down Below (1957) was a Adventure - Drama Film directed by Robert Parrish and produced by Irving Allen and Albert R. Broccoli.

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Fire Down Below (1957) with Robert Mitchum and Rita Hayworth

By Orson De Welles on Oct 23, 2014 From Classic Film Freak

Share This! Torrid, tempestuous Irena…the spark that turned the tropics into a blazing cauldron of passions! If you look at the promotional materials for the film Fire Down Below, you’ll see some pretty big names in the cast.? Rita Hayworth, coming off her second Hollywood hiatus, takes ... Read full article

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Irena: I'm no good. I'm all worn out. I've been passed from hand to hand. I've had to submit to things that nice young American boys couldn't conceive of in their wildest nightmares. I've lived among the ruins. Armies have marched over me.

Felix Bowers: I sowed my wild oats a long time ago. Been living off the crop ever since. Not very nutritious.

Miguel: [on assurance that a smuggling job's been completed] A friend left this, uh, note for you.
Felix Bowers: [flipping through the money in the envelope] Our friend didn't have very much to say, did he?
Miguel: What do you mean by that?
Felix Bowers: I mean he wasn't very generous, was he?
Miguel: There are many expenses; you know that as well as I do. Palms to be greased and people paid to turn the other way. It's getting harder every day.
Felix Bowers: Well, you tell that friend if he can't be a little more communicative, that this is the last trip.

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Average Shot Length (ASL) = 7.6 seconds
First full length cinema score of Douglas Gamley.
Inspired by their location shoot in Trinidad/Tobago, Robert Mitchum recorded a calypso album, and Jack Lemmon scored a harmonica theme for the movie.
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Also directed by Robert Parrish

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Also produced by Irving Allen

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