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Drum Beat Overview:

Drum Beat (1954) was a Western Film directed by Delmer Daves and produced by Alan Ladd and Delmer Daves.

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Kintpuash, aka Captain Jack: Red man think he go to good place when he die. Good hunting... good shooting... no white man. None! You're not like preacher who talk about Pearly Gates. You got sense. You tell me, Johnny, you believe there is a place like this?
Johnny MacKay: Yes, I believe that, Jack, except I think it's open for all of us when we die. I think they, ah, even let white men in.
Kintpuash, aka Captain Jack: If I see that it's for red man only up there, maybe someday I tell them, "You let Johnny McKay in. He good fighter!"
Johnny MacKay: Thanks, Jack. Maybe I'll see you up there. Goodbye... and good luck... and good hunting.

Johnny MacKay: More killing means more war, Jack.
Kintpuash, aka Captain Jack: Then there will be war.
Johnny MacKay: War is no good. In war one side wins; in peace, both sides win.

Johnny MacKay: Have you met Captain Jack yet?
Dr. Thomas: I look forward to the pleasure.
Johnny MacKay: That's one thing it won't be.
Mr. Dyar: You can say that in spades!

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General Edward Canby, whose death is depicted in this movie, was in reality the only U.S. army general killed during the American Indian Wars. "General" G. A. Custer, killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876, was not in fact a general at the time of his death. After the Civil War, he held the permanent rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
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