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Dimples (1936) was a Family - Musical Film directed by William A. Seiter and produced by Nunnally Johnson.

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Dimples (1936)

By Beatrice on Aug 29, 2013 From Flickers in Time

Dimples Directed by William A. Seiter Written by Arthur Sheekman and Ned Perrin from an idea by Nunnally Johnson 1936/USA Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation First viewing Dimples: Yes, landladies. “Dimples” (Shirley Temple) is an urchin dancing on the streets of 1850 New York for p... Read full article

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Dimples: What's the matter?
Prof. Eustace Appleby: Everything's all right, dear. I just want to have a talk with these gentlemen here for a few minutes.
Policeman: Never mind that! He's under arrest for stealing a thousand dollars.
Prof. Eustace Appleby: But I didn't take the money for myself. I took it to pay Allen back. Really.
Policeman: Oh, come on!
Dimples: You leave him alone! He didn't steal anything from you!
Mrs. Caroline Drew: I'm sorry, darling, but you're better off without him.
Allen Drew: You'd better hurry, Dimples. It's almost time for the last act.
Dimples: No! I'm going to jail with the Professor!

Mrs. Caroline Drew: Of all things, an actress! Allen, how could you? You know how I hate the theater and all it stands for.
Allen Drew: I love her, and we're going to be married.
Mrs. Caroline Drew: Married? Allen, you can't. I won't let you ruin your life!
Allen Drew: My mind is made up, Aunt Caroline.
Mrs. Caroline Drew: You're an ungrateful, disobedient, shameless boy, and as long as you live under this roof, I must insist that you observe my wishes.
Allen Drew: In that case, I'll have to look for another place to stay.

Emery T. Hawkins: Mr. Drew, you told us he would pay us our money.
Allen Drew: Yes, of course. Pay them, Professor.
Prof. Eustace Appleby: Well, I, uh, I don't like their attitude, Allen. I've never heard of people doing business in this way.
Allen Drew: Why argue? Pay them and get it over with.
Prof. Eustace Appleby: Well, the truth is, I find myself a little short.
Allen Drew: Short? How much?
Prof. Eustace Appleby: Well, around eight hundred dollars.
Allen Drew: But that's all the money I gave you!
Prof. Eustace Appleby: It wasn't my fault, Allen. I was cheated!
Allen Drew: That's all the money I had! I was stupid enough to trust a scoundrel like you, you blundering old fool!

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Facts about

Herman Bing as "Proprietor" and Greta Meyer as "Proprietor's Wife" are in studio records/casting call lists as cast members, but they did not appear or were not identifiable in the movie.
Two lines in the end cast list credits are subject to two different interpretations: "Children's Band ... Leonard Kibrick Warner," and "Walter and George Weidler." The IMDb cast lists 3 actors: Leonard Kibrick Warner, Walter Weidler and George Weidler. However, The AFI Catalogue lists 4 actors: Leonard Kibrick, Warner Weidler, Walter Weidler and George Weidler.
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