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Custer of the West (1967) was a Western - Western Film directed by Robert Siodmak and produced by Irving Lerner, Louis Dolivet and Philip Yordan.

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Gen. George Armstrong Custer: War isn't just killing, you know. It's a contest. It's a man against a man.
[indicates a Gatling gun]
Gen. George Armstrong Custer: That's a machine! Personal courage wouldn't count. Honor, duty, loyalty - everything a soldier lives by - would be wiped out. All you would have left is statistics. How many men would the machine murder today? One hundred? One thousand? Ten thousand? If this is the future, I don't want any part of it.

Capt. Benteen: [riding through the Cheyenne village] Look at them, sir. They've got no fight left in them. We took the whole Cheyenne Nation with 265 men.
Gen. George Armstrong Custer: Pizarro conquered Peru with 167.

Gen. George Armstrong Custer: [commenting with disgust about the coming industrialization] If this is the future, I don't want any part of it!
Elizabeth Custer: Where does that leave you?
Gen. George Armstrong Custer: With the Indians!

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Originally to be directed by Akira Kurosawa, but he pulled out.
While this film was still in production, Philip Yordan and his company (Security Pictures) had production designer and special effects expert Eugène Lourié design and shoot special effects footage for Krakatoa: East of Java even though there was no script. This footage would also be shot in large format for Cinerama presentation. Those who were shown the early footage began ignoring this film and asking when "Krakatoa" would be ready.
Custer was one of the Civil War's famous "Boy Generals". Nelson Miles, Wesley Merritt, and Galusha Pennypacker were among the others. They would all be reduced in rank once the war was over, though Miles and Merritt would rise to general rank in the regular Army after the war.
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