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Conflict (1945) was a Film Noir - Thriller/Suspense Film directed by Curtis Bernhardt and produced by Jack L. Warner and William Jacobs.

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CONFLICT (1945) at Noir City 16

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Conflict – 1945

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My Review —Great Hitchcock-like Thriller— Your Bogie Film Fix: out of 5 Bogies! Director: Curtis Bernhardt The Lowdown A wealthy engineer (Humphrey Bogart) murders his wife (Rose Hobart) hoping that he can then move on to her younger sister (Alexis Smith). The only problem? The suppose... Read full article

Noir of the Week Reviews “Conflict”

By Pretty Clever Film Gal on Jun 21, 2011 From Pretty Clever Films

While poking about the interwebs, I found this excellent 2006 review of Conflict from Noir of the Week. Sadly, as the review notes, Conflict is still not available on dvd. It does appear to be available from Amazon on something called Vee Aych Ess, whatever that is.? Spoilers ahoy. ConflictHumphrey ... Read full article

Conflict (1945)

By Pretty Clever Film Gal on Jun 20, 2011 From Pretty Clever Films

I am always happy when a new (to me) Humphrey Bogart movie appears in the TCM lineup, even if it’s a lesser known part of his filmography like Conflict (1945). And make no mistake, Conflict is a distant star in the constellation of classics in Bogart’s career. But this psychological thri... Read full article

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Richard Mason: What're you doing here? What've you got to do with all of this?
Dr. Mark Hamilton: I caught the one slip you made. The rose. You said Kathryn was wearing it the last time you saw her.
Richard Mason: She was! It was pinned to her coat.
Dr. Mark Hamilton: I gave her that rose when she stopped at my house. A rose you couldn't have seen when you were supposed to be helpless at home.

Kathryn Mason: I'm not going to the party.
Richard Mason: Oh yes you are. It's our fifth anniversary, you wouldn't miss it for anything. You'll go and I'll go like thousands of others go and laugh at the rest of them.

Dr. Mark Hamilton: [on unsolved murder and perfect crime] Laws of chance are overwhelmingly against it, so are the laws of human nature. You see a murderer's whole safety depends upon a complication of lies. If he had no motive, no access, if his alibi is perfect, even if he feels no remorse, think of the strain he endures in knowing one error would be his undoing. That if he is forgetful enough to conflict one of his statements, his act of innocence is unconvincing in any details, if he so much as talks in his sleep.

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The statue of the Maltese Falcon is clearly displayed as an ornament on the top of the wooden filing cabinet in Det. Lt. Egan's office when Richard visits. A few years earlier, Bogart and Greenstreet has appear in the movie about this statue, by the same name. No reference to it in the dialogue is made.
Jack L. Warner had Joan Crawford, who had just joined Warner Bros. and was looking for her first role at the studio, in mind for the role of Kathryn Mason, and sent the script for the film to her. However, after reading the script, Crawford told her agent to tell Warner that "Joan Crawford never dies in her movies, and she never ever loses her man to anyone".
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