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Caught (1949) was a Drama - Film Noir Film directed by Max Ophüls and produced by Wolfgang Reinhardt.

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I think I went into Caught in a Ham with unduly high hopes (I?ve been a Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham since 1983) and apparently I?m enough of a purist to be a little upset Spider-Ham loses out on half his four minute cartoon so it can tie into Into the Spider-Verse. There?s also the issu... Read full article

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Cora??o Prisioneiro (1949) / Caught (1949)

By L? on Oct 6, 2018 From Critica Retro

Cora??o Prisioneiro (1949) / Caught (1949) H? muitas alegrias na vida de um cin?filo. Uma delas ? descobrir grandes atores, como James Mason, e atrizes subestimadas, como Barbara Bel Geddes. Outro prazer ? rever bons filmes. Algumas vezes, n?s – e isso acontece muito comigo – inv... Read full article

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Caught (1949)

By 4 Star Film Fan on Jun 7, 2015 From 4 Star Films

Max Ophul’s?Caught is an interesting mix of soap opera drama and dark, brooding noir. It follows aspiring model Leonora Eames (Barbara Bel Geddes), who is obsessed with improving herself through charm school, landing a modeling job, and finding a rich husband. She’s not the only one in a... Read full article

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Quotes from

Leonora Eames: Posture and social useage
Smith Ohlrig: Social what?
Leonora Eames: Useage. You know, conversation, etiquette, how to pour tea
[Leonora mines this action with her hand]
Leonora Eames: , how to listen to music
[Leonora then places two fingers from her hand to her right ear]
Leonora Eames: , how to... please watch the road.

Leonora Eames: Look at me! Look at what you bought!

Smith Ohlrig: I was born rich. My father left me 4 million dollars. But I didn't drink it away, I didn't gamble it away, I didn't marry it away. I knew what to do with it. I've got exactly 22 and a half times that much now, and I'll have 50 times that much before I die. That's what everyone wants, isn't it? Well, I've got it. And I made it myself. Every one of my corporations - every single one - has a different staff, a different lawyer, a different accountant. Not one of them knows anything about each other. I run it all. Each one has his place, and he stays there. And why not? They're well paid. And that's what you've got to learn, Leonora. You're better paid than any of them. And you've got YOUR place: this house. And that's where you'll stay.

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Facts about

Both John Berry and Robert Aldrich directed additional scenes, uncredited.
The character Smith Ohlrig is based on Howard Hughes,
The 1992 restoration of the film, done at UCLA Film and Television Archives, was financed by Martin Scorsese, who would direct a biopic of Howard Hughes - upon whose life the film is based - The Aviator a decade later.
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Also directed by Max Ophüls

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Also released in 1949

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