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Carry On Cleo (1964) was a Comedy Film directed by Gerald Thomas and produced by Peter Rogers.

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Carry On #10: Carry On Cleo

By Virginie Pronovost on Oct 10, 2019 From The Wonderful World of Cinema

Through this fun blog series, we’ve already explored a total of ten Carry On films! Of course, we’re not even halfway through them, but I’m glad this is going so well so far! Oh, before I continue, yesterday, I discovered some beautiful photos of Kenneth Williams and Ingrid Bergman... Read full article

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[Of the Britons]
Mark Antony: You know I just don't get these Britons; everytime we get a good punch up going, someone behind the line yells "Teas up!" and they all disappear!
Julius Caesar: "Teas up"? How very odd! It must be one of these strange gods they worship, like this other one they're always talking about, "Crumpet."
Mark Antony: What?
Julius Caesar: "Crum-pet", I don't understand it at all.
Mark Antony: You know something; I don't think these Britons don't want to be conquered.

[Seeing the capitive Britons rushing into Cleopatra's bedroom on the night she plans to kill Caesar]
Mark Antony: Blimey, she must be selling tickets!

Bilius: Hail, Mark Antony!
Mark Antony: Hail - snow, rain, thunder, lighting - the lot! Julius in?
[Gloria screams and runs out]
Mark Antony: I see he is!

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As with many Carry On films the movie was cut by the BBFC for an 'A' (now PG) certificate. This included the removal of double entendre dialogue lines, including "backward people", "ants in his pants", and referrals to mutes as "having them cut out". Also cut was a shot of Mark Antony wriggling his legs on top of Cleopatra and a scene showing the exhausted Antony staggering from her bedroom. Although the latter scene was restored the rest of the cuts still apply to all releases of the film.
Bernard Cribbins was asked to appear in the film but he chose to do a play instead.
David Davenport worked 10 days.
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Also directed by Gerald Thomas

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Also released in 1964

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