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Bullitt Overview:

Bullitt (1968) was a Action - Crime Film directed by Peter Yates and produced by Robert E. Relyea.

Bullitt was inducted into the National Film Registry in 2007.

Academy Awards 1968 --- Ceremony Number 41 (source: AMPAS)

Best Film EditingFrank P. KellerWon

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Bullitt (1968)

By 4 Star Film Fan on Jun 21, 2019 From 4 Star Films

There was never a better city for crime pictures than San Francisco. Much of this reputation comes from Bullitt and the enduring cool of its hero Steve McQueen. He had many great films and he was a part of some truly epic ensembles including The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape, but Bullitt is... Read full article

Bullitt (1968) Turns 50: Reflections on a New Hollywood Trend-Setter

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The TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, famously known for decades as Grauman’s, is the most historic of movie palaces world-wide, and one of the most magnificent. Famed for its lavish “Oriental” d?cor, its klieg light-lit Old Hollywood movie premieres, and its hand- and footprint-st... Read full article

TCM Essentials: Bullitt

By Amanda Garrett on Jun 13, 2015 From Old Hollywood Films

TCM will air Bullitt (1968) starring Steve McQueen at 8 p.m. June 13 as part of its The Essentials series. Here's five things to look for while watching this classic police procedural. Steve McQueen was known as the King of Cool, and he was certainly never more chilled out than in his role as t... Read full article

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Bullitt (1968)

By Raquel Stecher on Aug 8, 2013 From Out of the Past - A Classic Film Blog

My contribution to the TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon Bullitt (1968) will be showing on August 9th (Friday) 4:00 PM EST on Turner Classic Movies as part of the Summer Under the Stars Steve McQueen day. Here are my top 10 reasons why I think you should watch this fantastic film. 1. The fant... Read full article

Bullitt: Steve McQueen Plays It Cool (What Else?)

By Rick29 on May 30, 2013 From Classic Film & TV Cafe

Bullitt was not the film that established the Steve McQueen "cool quotient." Steve was displaying coolness earlier in the 1960s in movies such as The Great Escape (1963), The Cincinnati Kid (1965), and The Thomas Crown Affair (1968). Heck, his character was even known as The Cooler King in The Great... Read full article

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Quotes from

Bullitt: Look, Chalmers, let's understand each other... I don't like you.

Bullitt: [revealing Johnny Ross' death] I've got him downstairs, under a John Doe.
Baker: [stunned] You are sick. Smuggling a dead man out of a hospital, and now two men killed who may have had nothing to do with it?
Bullitt: The man I was chasing killed Ross.
Captain Bennett: How do you know? Did you see him?
Bullitt: Yes. He tried to nail me with a shotgun, a Winchester pump.
Baker: The radio report said the two men were burned beyond recognition. Now all he's got are two dead men. It would never hold up in court.

Cathy: What will happen to us, in time?
Bullitt: Time starts now.

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Facts about

According to Peter Yates, Steve McQueen made a point to keep his head near the open car window during the famous chase scene so that audiences would be reassured that it was he, not a stunt man, who was driving,
Steve McQueen based his character on San Francisco Homicide Inspector Dave Toschi, made famous for his work on the Zodiac killings. McQueen had a copy made of Toschi's custom fast-draw shoulder holster.
Jacqueline Bisset's character is shown working in an architectural studio with a model of a modernistic and angular fountain her character has designed. This is an actual model of a sculpture entitled "Quebec libre!" by the Canadian sculptor Armand Vaillancourt. The monumental fountain was being studied at the time the film was being made. The fountain was built and completed 3 years later in 1971, not in black as the model shows, but in natural gray concrete. It may be seen today at the Embarcadero Center in downtown San Francisco across the street from the Ferry Building.
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Best Film Editing Oscar 1968

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Released 1968
Inducted 2007

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Also directed by Peter Yates

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