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Brigadoon Overview:

Brigadoon (1954) was a Fantasy - Musical Film directed by Vincente Minnelli and produced by Arthur Freed and Roger Edens.

Academy Awards 1954 --- Ceremony Number 27 (source: AMPAS)

Best Art DirectionArt Direction: Cedric Gibbons, Preston Ames; Set Decoration: Edwin B. Willis, Keogh GleasonNominated
Best Costume DesignIrene SharaffNominated

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The MGM production of the Learner and Lowe musical Brigadoon (1954) is a mixed bag, overwhelmed by inelegant artifice, but not without its moments of misty magic. Cyd Charisse, Gene Kelly and Van Johnson lead a pleasantly quirky cast, directed by Vincente Minnelli. The film is now available on Blu-r... Read full article

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If you asked me to name my top twenty list of the most romantic films I've seen, I could say a few of them right off the bat: Notorious, An Affair to Remember, The Thin Man (seriously!), Love Letters, Casablanca... and Brigadoon. I have a feeling most of you would disagree with me on that last one. ... Read full article

Brigadoon (1954)

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Brigadoon (1954)

By Beatrice on Jan 1, 2016 From Flickers in Time

Brigadoon Directed by Vicente Minnelli Written by Alan Jay Lerner 1954/USA Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer First viewing/Netflix rental This has some nice songs and Minnelli does well with Cinemascope but it didn’t grab me. Americans Tommy Albright (Gene Kelly) and Jeff Douglas (Van Johnson) have com... Read full article

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Quotes from

Tommy Albright: Let me ask you something... suppose someone in Brigadoon got fed up and wanted to leave? What then?
Mr. Lundie: Och, he canna leave!
Jeff Douglas: You mean *I've* got to stay here now?

Jeff Douglas: If they want to disregard two hundred years of human bing-bang, that's their privilege.

Tommy Albright: Look... I'm not saying I believe all this, but just for argument's sake... suppose... suppose a stranger like... well, like... like me... came to Brigadoon and wanted to stay. Could he?
Mr. Lundie: [gives him a long look, then smiles] Aye, he could. Mr. Forsythe provided for that.
Jeff Douglas: He didn't miss a trick, did he?
Mr. Lundie: [laughing] No, lad, he didna! No, a stranger could stay if he loved someone here... not Brigadoon itself, mind, but someone *in* Brigadoon... enough to be willing to give up everything to stay near that person... which is only right because after all, lad... if you love someone deeply enough, anything is possible.

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Facts about

Michael Maule, a featured dancer with the New York City Ballet, was originally cast as Charlie Dalrymple, with his songs to be dubbed by John Gustafson. Before filming began he was replaced by Jimmy Thompson but the pre-recordings by Gustafson were kept for the film.
Howard Keel and Jane Powell were originally slated to play the leads. When commitments on other films left them unavailable, Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse were cast instead, and dancing subsequently emphasized over singing.
The Breen office wouldn't allow the use of the two songs the Meg Brockie character sang in the stage version, "The Love of My Life" and "My Mother's Wedding Day" as the lyrics were too risqué.
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Best Costume Design Oscar 1954

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Also directed by Vincente Minnelli

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