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Boys' Night Out Overview:

Boys' Night Out (1962) was a Comedy Film directed by Michael Gordon and produced by Joseph E. Levine, Martin Ransohoff and James C. Pratt.

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Cathy: Fred, what's the matter?
Fred Williams: The matter? It's one thing for a girl to be - to go wrong. A guy'd have to be pretty narrow-minded not to overlook a thing like that. But to make me a miserable guinea pig? To use a guy for, for an experiment? To be a dirty, contemptible... *sociologist*! That's about as low as you can get!

[the boys are discussing which one of the four boys will get it on with Cathy on Mondays]
Fred Williams: I'm busy Monday nights.
Doug Jackson: That busy?
Fred Williams: Monday night the Greenwich Little League Association meets.
George Drayton: Little league? This is big league stuff, baby. Night games.

Fred Williams: If there's one thing I hate it's guys who chippen out when the chicks are down.

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Stars of this film Fred Clark and Larry Keating have both portrayed Harry Morton on the Burns & Allen Show.
Originally, the movie's title song was to be sung by Frank Sinatra. His version was recorded on March 6, 1962, almost three months before the film's premiere. At last wind, Patti Page recorded her version which was initially optioned for use while Sinatra's original languished in the Columbia vaults until 1995 when his Reprise box-set was issued.
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