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Bowery Bugs (1949) was a Family - Animation Film directed by Arthur Davis .

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Steve Brody: Okay... I know you've got a mess of dough here. Let me have it!
Bugs Bunny: If you insist. Grandma's Happy Home Bakery is glad to oblige.
[Bugs drops a mess of dough on top of Steve Brody's head and he bakes in the oven and comes out looking like a pie]
Bugs Bunny: What a Tarara Goon Dee Ay.
Steve Brody: Hey you're that rabbit that sent me... That sent me? Oh no it couldn't be.
Bugs Bunny: [disguised as a good luck charm] What's up doc?
Bugs Bunny: [disguised as the fair damesel] What's up doc?
Bugs Bunny: [disguised as the Swammi] What's up...
Steve Brody: I know don't tell me? What's up doc? Rabbits! Everybody's turning into rabbits. Awwe come on Brody. Get a hold of yourself. You ain't a rabbit.
[Steve looks in the mirror and sees Bugs' reflection in the mirror]
Steve Brody: What's up doc? What's up doc? What's up doc? Please officer! You've gotta help me. I'm flipping me lid. Everybody's turning into rabbits.
Bugs Bunny: What's all this about rabbits doc?
[Steve Brody then jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge]

[Brody enters the swami's shop]
Bugs Bunny: Enter, O seeker of knowledge.
[a sandbag swings down and hits Brody in the head]
Bugs Bunny: That's you, fathead!

Steve Brody: [What looks like a woman drops her handkerchief on the ground. Steve Brody picks it up] Ahem
Bugs Bunny: Oh you masher! Cad! Ruffian! HELP! POLICE!
[a police officer clubs Steve Brody on the head]

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Facts about

The only cartoon starring Bugs Bunny that was directed by Arthur Davis.
There actually was a real Steve Brodie who claimed that he jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge in 1886 and survived. Even though the newspapers enthusiastically reported his story, there's no evidence that it actually happened. The fact that his name was used in this cartoon means that he is the only celebrity caricatured in a Merrie Melodies short who was already dead at the time.
When asked when he was born Brody says he doesn't remember. Brodie in real life was born on July 23. This makes his correct zodiac sign Cancer, which is located just to the right of "Lobo" sic, the selected incorrect sign on Bugs' spin wheel.
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