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Blind Adventure (1933) was a Mystery Film directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack and produced by Merian C. Cooper and David Lewis.

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Blind Adventure (1933, Ernest B. Schoedsack)

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Blind Adventure is a genial, nearly successful comedy thriller. Robert Armstrong, playing an unexpectedly wealthy working class American who?s vacationing in London, heads out into the fog and finds himself on a wild night. He encounters espionage, British society, a damsel in distress (Helen Mack) ... Read full article

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Elsie, the maid: And Sir, if you do go out this evening, may I respectfully recommend that you be careful?
Richard Bruce: Oh, I can take care of myself, I guess.
Elsie, the maid: You're in a strange place, Sir. And if I may say so without givin' offense, you do seem an innocent sort of a gentleman.

Holmes the Burglar: [after a failed break-in] No good, Governor. You'll find half a dozen of them patent bolts. Bright feller invented them ought to be jailed.

Holmes the Burglar: Here Governor, what's your game, eh?
Richard Bruce: Oh, we're just looking around.
Holmes the Burglar: Huh?
Rose Thorne: You see, he's an American and he's always longed to see the roofs of London.
Holmes the Burglar: Ain't they got any roofs in the United States?
Rose Thorne: Well, uh, very different. Um, wigwams, you know.

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Upon finding out that the burglar's name is Holmes, Richard jokes that he and Rose are a "couple of Dr. Watsons." Roland Young, who plays the burglar, had previously played Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes.
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Also directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack

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Also produced by Merian C. Cooper

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Also released in 1933

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