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Black Legion (1937) was a Drama - Crime Film directed by Michael Curtiz and Archie Mayo and produced by Hal B. Wallis, Jack L. Warner and Robert Lord.

Academy Awards 1937 --- Ceremony Number 10 (source: AMPAS)

Best WritingRobert LordNominated

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***Over at Silver Screen Classics, Paul Batters has produced a great write-up (complete with clips) of a splendid movie that has great relevance to our own times. In The Book, where obviously I had space for only a brief account, I concluded of The Black Legion that “Politics and noir often do... Read full article

Black Legion (1937)

By Beatrice on Oct 6, 2013 From Flickers in Time

Black Legion Directed by Archie Mayo Written by Abem Finkel and William Wister Haines based on a story by Robert Lord 1937/USA Warner Bros. First viewing Humphrey Bogart had one of his first leading roles in Black Legion, the story of a working man seduced by a Ku Klux Clan-style organization. Frank... Read full article

Black Legion – 1937

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My Review —Very Good— Your Bogie?Fix: ?out of 5 Bogies! (Although, this might be a fix you only go to once or twice in your life…) Director?? Archie Mayo The Lowdown When machinist Frank Taylor (Humphrey Bogart) is passed over for a promotion in favor of a young Polish immigrant, h... Read full article

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About MeBlogger, Out of the Past - A Classic Film Blog and more. Please add my Google profile to your circles. I promise to finish what I started and this Bogie marathon will have 24 posts! Since I didn't have either Kid Galahad (1937) or Black Legion (1937) in my Bogie boxed set (due to a... Read full article

Black Legion (1936)

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I?ve now watched most of the movies from the Warner Brothers Gangster Collection Volume 3 box set ? which is rather misnamed since none of the movies really seem to be true gangster films. Anyway, this early Humphrey Bogart offering is my favourite of those I?ve seen so far, along with The Mayor of ... Read full article

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Quotes from

Frank Taylor: How yuh doin', Ed?
Ed Jackson: Oh, terrible! I feel like a drill was driving right through the top of my head.
Frank Taylor: It might be a good idea to let out some of dat beer you slopped up last night.
Ed Jackson: Aw, quit riding me, will yuh?
Frank Taylor: Oh, I ain't even started on you yet. C'mon, let's eat.
Ed Jackson: No, Frank, I couldn't.
Frank Taylor: Oh, come on. Do you good. You gotta eat.
[He snaps his finger]
Frank Taylor: I got just the thing to straighten you out.
Ed Jackson: Yeah? What is it?
Frank Taylor: Some nice ice cold oatmeal smothered wid lard.
[Frank taps Ed on the stomach and Ed winces]

Cliff Moore: Read!
Frank Taylor: [reading the Black Legion oath] In the name of God and the Devil, one to reward and the other to punish, and by the powers of light and darkness, good and evil, here under the black arch of Heaven's avenging symbol, I pledge and consecrate my heart, my brain, my body, and my limbs and swear by all the powers of Heaven and Hell to devote my life to the obedience of my superiors and that no danger or peril shall deter me from executin' dere orders. That I will exert every possible means in my power for the extermination of the anarchist, the Roman hierar...
[He has difficulty in pronouncing it]
Frank Taylor: ... hierarchy and their abettors. I swear that I will die fighting those whose serpent trail has winnowed the fair fields of our allies and sympathizers. I will show no mercy but strike with an avengin' arm as long as breath remains. I further pledge my heart, my brain, my body, my limbs never to betray a comrade and that I will submit to all the tortures mankind can inflict and suffer the most horrible death rather than reveal a single word of this, my oath, before violatin' a single clause or implied pledge of this my obligation. I...
[He pauses]
Frank Taylor: Do I have to say dis?
Cliff Moore: Say it!
Frank Taylor: I will pray to an avengin' God and an umerciful Devil to tear my heart out and roast it over the flames of sulfur, and lastly may my soul be given into the torment that my body be submerged into molten metal... and stifled into the flames of Hell, and that this punishment may be meted out to me through all eternity. In the name of God, our creator, Amen.
All: Amen.

Cliff Moore: Well, what's the matter? You afraid?
Ed Jackson: So, you're afraid! Maybe they better change the name of your outfit from the Black Legion to the Yellow Legion.

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Facts about

Banned in Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Finland, Trinidad and France. The ban in France was lifted after a year, and it opened to extremely negative reviews. Australian and British release versions were heavily censored.
Director Michael Curtiz was brought in to shoot some additional footage after the production wrapped. It is known that he shot at least the scene with the Black Legion executives.
The film that Betty and Ed go to see early in the film, 'All For Love' is completely made-up, as are all the posters for the other films outside the theater. Titles that are visible include 'Jail-Break,' 'Bengal Tiger,' 'Public Enemy's Wife' and 'Big Noise.'
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Best Writing Oscar 1937

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Also directed by Archie Mayo

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Also produced by Hal B. Wallis

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Also released in 1937

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