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Billy Budd Overview:

Billy Budd (1962) was a Adventure - Drama Film directed by Peter Ustinov and produced by Peter Ustinov and A. Ronald Lubin.

Academy Awards 1962 --- Ceremony Number 35 (source: AMPAS)

Best Supporting ActorTerence StampNominated

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On Blu-ray: Billy Budd (1962) and The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972)

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While Billy Budd (1962) and The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972) take widely different approaches to a period milieu, they are both at their best when they spotlight their charismatic performers. The literary-sourced Budd and life-based Bean were recently released on Blu-ray from Warner Archi... Read full article

Billy Budd (1962)

By Beatrice on Sep 13, 2017 From Flickers in Time

Billy Budd Directed by Peter Ustinov Written by Peter Ustinov and DeWitt Bodeen from the play by Louis O. Coxe and Robert H. Chapman based on the novel by Herman Melville 1962/UK Allied Artists Pictures/Anglo Allied First viewing/Netflix rental The acting is the thing in this symbolic maritime tr... Read full article

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Quotes from

Captain Vere: Master-at-Arms, you possess too much knowledge for such a lowly post.
Master At Arms Claggert: Why, thank you, Sir.
Captain Vere: [impatiently] It's no flattery, Mr. Claggert. It's a melancholy fact!

Billy Budd: It's wrong to flog a man. It's against his being a man.

William O'Daniel, maintopman: [After Jenkons' burial at sea] Well, that's the end of Enoch Jenkins. Over the side he goes and his mates soon forget him.
Alan Payne, maintopman: They'll not forget him so soon, I'm thinking.
The Dansker, sailmaker: Ah, whatever happened to Jenkins, he ain't worried now. He got a hundred fathoms between him and the troubles of his life.
Billy Budd: I'd rather be buried at sea than on the shore when I come to die. Will you stand by the plank, mates, so I can shake a friendly hand before I sink?
[After a pause, they all laugh]
Billy Budd: .

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Facts about

Terence Stamp's film debut.
French visa # 26957.
Favorite film of actor Jeff Bridges.
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Best Supporting Actor Oscar 1962

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