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Ben and Me (1953) was a Animation - Comedy Film directed by Hamilton Luske and produced by Walt Disney.

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Amos Mouse: [Voiceover] It was shortly thereafter that Ben took up kite flying. To the framework of his largest kite he fastened a small box, for it was his idea that I become the world's first flying reporter. I was so enthralled by the spectacle spread below that I failed to notice a sharp, pointed wire fixed to the kite just above my head. I was the victim of a plot!

Amos Mouse: [noticing Ben is about to run into a lamp post] Post, Ben! Post!
Ben Franklin: Oh, how do you do, Mr. Post?

Amos Mouse: [voiceover] I was born and raised in Philadelphia, in the old church down on Second Street. Our home was in the vestry, behind the paneling. There were 26 children in the family, and with that many mouths to feed, we were naturally quite poor. In fact, as poor as church mice. And since I was the oldest, I determined to set out into the world and make my own way. If I was successful, I could help the others. But, in any case, there would be one less mouse to feed.

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When Amos is drawing up the BINDING contract with Ben, watch the gestures of his tail as he spells out this word.
When originally released to theaters, this 21-minute cartoon short was double billed with the Walt Disney film The Living Desert as a 90-minute package deal.
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Also directed by Hamilton Luske

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Also produced by Walt Disney

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Also released in 1953

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