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Batman Overview:

Batman (1966) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Leslie H. Martinson and produced by William Dozier.

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By Dan Day Jr. on Feb 11, 2017 From The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog

You want proof that Batman is the greatest comic book superhero of all time? Just go down to your local movie theater and see THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. Only the Dark Knight himself could have the starring role in a film based on a children's building block toy line. Some may consider this team-up goofy... Read full article

Batman: The Movie (1966, Leslie H. Martinson)

By Andrew Wickliffe on Nov 12, 2016 From The Stop Button

Burt Ward is really bad in Batman: The Movie. Sure, he’s just around to parrot Adam West, who’s a horny, kind of dumb, know-it-all. The problem is it doesn’t seem like anyone else is in on the joke because director Martinson does such a bad job. There are some okay scenes in Lorenzo Semple Jr.’s scr... Read full article

Batman: The Killing Joke (2016, Sam Liu)

By Andrew Wickliffe on Aug 1, 2016 From The Stop Button

There’s a lot to be said about Batman: The Killing Joke, both the comic book and its animated adaptation. It’s another of Alan Moore’s unintentional curses on mainstream comics; listening to his dialogue spoken… it’s clear he was hurrying through the Batman stuff. Or Ke... Read full article

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993, Eric Radomski and Bruce Timm)

By Andrew Wickliffe on Jul 26, 2016 From The Stop Button

There are a lot of excellent things in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, but maybe my favorite thing is the end credits music. It’s smooth jazz. It’s this smooth jazz love song over the cast and when you see names like Abe Vigoda and Dick Miller and John P. Ryan in an animated Batman movie, ... Read full article

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016, Zach Snyder), the ultimate edition

By Andrew Wickliffe on Jul 2, 2016 From The Stop Button

The extended version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t just the extended version of Batman/Superman, it’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Ultimate Edition. There’s a second subtitle on the thing. It’s doubling down on the idea the extended cut in the post-DV... Read full article

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Quotes from

Robin: Holy Long John Silver!

Robin: [pointing toward the sky] That crazy missile! It wrote two more riddles before it blew up!
Batman: [reading a skywritten message] "What goes up white and comes down yellow and white?"
Robin: An egg!
Batman: [reading another skywritten message] "How do you divide seventeen apples among sixteen people?"
Robin: Make applesauce!
Batman: [thinking out loud] Apples into applesauce - A unification into one smooth mixture. An egg - nature's perfect container. The container of all our hopes for the future.
Robin: A unification and a container of hope? United World Organization!
Batman: Precisely, Robin! And there's a special meeting of the Security Council today. If what I fear is true...
Robin: Wow! Let's commandeer a taxi!
Batman: No, Robin. Not at this time of day. Luckily, we're in tip-top condition. It'll be faster if we run. Let's go!

Batman: [reading a riddle] What has yellow skin and writes?
Robin: A ball-point banana!
Batman: [reads the second riddle] What people are always in a hurry?
Robin: Rushing people... Russians!
Batman: So this means...
Robin: Someone Russian is going to slip on a banana and break their neck!
Batman: Precisely, Robin!

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Facts about

In the final fight scene, a stuntman playing one of the villains' henchmen dove into the water and hit his head on a metal stud at the bottom of the pond. He was knocked unconscious and had to be rushed to the hospital.
Reginald Denny's last movie.
Originally planned as the pilot film for the Batman TV series, the movie was instead produced between the show's first and second seasons. The producers took advantage of the larger budget to have a number of new Bat-gadgets constructed, such as the BatBoat.
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Also directed by Leslie H. Martinson

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Also released in 1966

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