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Batman (1966) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Leslie H. Martinson and produced by William Dozier.

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'Holy camp-fest, Batman! It's special guest villainess Carole Lombard as...'

By carole_and_co on Jan 13, 2018 From Carole & Co.

(It's March 1966. More than two dozen years after her plane stayed in the air, Carole Lombard -- now 57 and transitioning into work as a character actress when she's not producing films -- gets a call from an old friend she worked with in "Love Before Breakfast.") Carole Lombard: Hello.Cesar Romero:... Read full article

Batman (1943, Lambert Hillyer)

By Andrew Wickliffe on Aug 20, 2017 From The Stop Button

For the majority of Batman’s fifteen chapters, the serial has a set formula when it comes to the action. Batman (Lewis Wilson) and Robin (Douglas Croft) get into fist fights with the same five or six thugs. Croft gets beat up early while Wilson takes on at least two of the villain, then two or... Read full article

Batman (1943, Lambert Hillyer), Chapter 15: The Doom of the Rising Sun

By Andrew Wickliffe on Aug 19, 2017 From The Stop Button

Titling the final chapter, The Doom of the Rising Sun, might give away whether or not J. Carrol Naish succeeds with his awful plan–which Batman never quite defines and sort of forgets about anyway. The screenwriters try to drum up some excitement as Lewis Wilson and Douglas Croft finally face off wi... Read full article

Batman (1943, Lambert Hillyer), Chapter 14: The Executioner Strikes

By Andrew Wickliffe on Aug 18, 2017 From The Stop Button

The impossible occurs, one chapter until the finish, with The Executioner Strikes actually having a satisfying cliffhanger resolution. A somewhat satisfying one. Better than any of the others. After that high point, unfortunately, the chapter gets pretty bad for a while. First, it’s dumb, with Lewis... Read full article

Batman (1943, Lambert Hillyer), Chapter 13: Eight Steps Down

By Andrew Wickliffe on Aug 17, 2017 From The Stop Button

Despite the previous chapter suggesting a cliffhanger, turns out the resolution is more about Douglas Croft and William Austin’s impatience than anything else. But as Batman is now seventy-some percent complete, things start happening in Eight Steps Down. Though nothing about eight steps. There’s a ... Read full article

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Quotes from

Commissioner Gordon: It could be any one of them... But which one? Which ones?
Batman: Pretty *fishy* what happened to me on that ladder...
Commissioner Gordon: You mean where there's a fish there could be a Penguin?
Robin: But wait! It happened at sea... Sea. C for Catwoman!
Batman: Yet, an exploding shark *was* pulling my leg...
Commissioner Gordon: The Joker!
Chief O'Hara: All adds up to a sinister riddle... Riddle-R. Riddler!
Commissioner Gordon: A thought strikes me... So dreadful I scarcely dare give it utterance...
Batman: The four of them... Their forces combined...
Robin: Holy nightmare!

Robin: Are you sure you didn't hurt your head in that fight, Batman?
Batman: I'm sure. Here, swallow this pill.
Robin: Thanks.

Batman: Bon Voyage, Pussy.

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Facts about

Scenes shot in the arch-criminals' headquarters lair were filmed at an angle. Rumors at the time were that this was intentional and was meant to show that the four (Catwoman, Penguin, Joker, and Riddler) were crooked.
During his date with Miss Kitka, Bruce quotes Edgar Allan Poe, the first stanza of "To One in Paradise".
A follow up film was at one point considered. The film would have been released between seasons two and three, and would have been used to introduce Barbara Gordon/Bat Girl, and make use of a Batplane. Due to waning interest in the series during season two, which resulted in budget cuts, plans for a second film were scratched.
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Also directed by Leslie H. Martinson

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Also released in 1966

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