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Baby Take a Bow (1934) was a Comedy - Drama Film directed by Harry Lachman and produced by John Stone.

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Baby Take a Bow: Remembering Shirley Temple

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Baby Take a Bow (1934)

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Baby Take a Bow Directed by Harry Lachman 1934/USA Fox Film Corporation Second viewing? Shirley Ellison: I’m not a kid, I’m a girl, and today is my birthday. Kay (Claire Trevor) is waiting for her sweetheart Eddie Ellison (James Dunn) to be released from Sing Sing. ?Eddie goes straight... Read full article

Baby Take a Bow

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Quotes from

Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Sit down and have some coffee.
Larry Scott: Aren't you going to wait for Eddie?
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: I should wait and eat a cold breakfast? Not for any husband. Sometimes I get so mad I could give him poison.
Eddie Ellison: And sometimes I get so mad I could take it. What do you know about that?
Larry Scott: To hear you two in the morning, you'd think you were ready to jump at each other's throats.
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: In the morning? What about the rest of the day?
Larry Scott: Well, I just hope Jane and me get along as well as you two.
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Eddie, Larry and Jane got engaged last night!
Eddie Ellison: Well, I don't see why a fine girl like Jane would want to marry a mug like you.

Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Two tickets to Niagara Falls, please.
Train Teller: Oh. Congratulations, ma'am. What train?
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: The 9:20, and I want to stop off at Ossining.
Train Teller: Ossining? You mean, Sing-Sing?
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: No, I mean Ossining.

Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: What's happened?
Eddie Ellison: Well, the breadwinners have stopped winning.
Larry Scott: Yeah, looks like we're in for a little vacation.
Jane Scott: You mean you were discharged.
Eddie Ellison: Well, not exactly. We were canned.
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: But they can't let you off for nothing.
Eddie Ellison: No. I know they can't. But they did. Welch saw to that.
Jane Scott: Who's Welch?
Larry Scott: Well, he's an old friend of ours.
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Will you excuse us for a minute? I want to talk to Eddie alone.
[Eddie and Kay go into the next room]
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Now listen, Eddie. When we were married we said we'd go 50-50 on everything, didn't we?
Eddie Ellison: Uh-huh.
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Well, that meant joy and trouble, too. You always let me in on the joy, now. Why not the trouble?
Eddie Ellison: There's nothing more to tell.
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Eddie, look at me. Did Larry have anything to do with this?
Eddie Ellison: No.
Kay 'Funny Face' Ellison: Well, then. We haven't a thing to worry about.

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Facts about

The film's title 'Baby Take a Bow' was taken from a song sung by Shirley Temple and James Dunn in the film Stand Up and Cheer!.
This movie takes its title from the song "Baby, Take a Bow," which James Dunn and Shirley Temple sang in their earlier movie, Stand Up and Cheer!.
Upon its 1934 release, this film was banned in Nazi Germany for its depiction of gangsterism and gun play.
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