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Atlantis, the Lost Continent Overview:

Atlantis, the Lost Continent (1961) was a Adventure - Science Fiction Film directed by George Pal and produced by George Pal.

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Narrator: Atlantis is gone. But free men, *wiser* men, carried the culture from the mother empire to the four corners of the earth.

Narrator: When Columbus discovered America, a series of mysteries arose to confound the scholars of Europe. Here are two continents, completely isolated from each other, yet they simultaneously developed similar cultures. For example, the Mayans measured time on the same principle as the Gregorian calendar of Europe. They used the same signs of the zodiac, the same decimal and mathematical system. They valued silver and gold, using both for jewelry and barter. Another mystery was the banana plant, a native of Asia that cannot be grown from seed, yet Columbus found it thriving in the New World. Elephants at that time did not exist in the Americas, yet their likenesses were cleaved on the walls of prehistoric caves in Peru. The pyramids in Mexico and in Egypt were built on identical architectural principles. Then there was the striking resemblance of a witch of Spain, and the witch depicted in the New World. But the most significant of all, Mayan and Aztec legends shared with Greek and Hebrew and Assyrian literature an account of a terrible deluge, a deluge many believe had destroyed the link, the mother empire, that had spread her civilization to both sides of the Atlantic. The Greek scholar Plato recorded this theory first, over two thousand years ago. There was once another continent: Atlantis: The Lost Continent.

Azor the High Priest: Empty! Just as all the others. The bees have deserted us.
Demetrios: Strange.
Azor the High Priest: Each morning of my life I have awakened to the singing of birds. Now only silence greets the day. Perhaps it is instinct, call it what you will, but they *sense* something, something evil. A strange breeze now rises with every outgoing tide, blowing dead leaves out toward the open sea. The humblest insects seem to know it carries them, not to destruction, but to survival. Even the seeds forsake their mother soil. All nature senses that the end is near. Man alone turns deaf ears to nature's warnings.

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In addition to his credited narration, Paul Frees, without additional credit, dubbed the voices of three actors: An unknown appearing briefly as a messenger, and both Wolfe Barzell and Edgar Stehli, who played the fathers of the hero and heroine respectively.
The initial cut of this film featured men in DaVinci-inspired flying rigs. This sequence was cut due to the poor quality of the special effects and negative responses from preview audiences.
George Pal had wanted to do a film about Atlantis in the mid-1950s after reading a copy of the 1949 play "Atalanta, a Story of Atlantis" by Sir Gerald Hargreaves. Pal's studio at the time, Paramount, turned down the project.
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