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Another Fine Mess (1930) was a Comedy - Black-and-white Film directed by James Parrott and produced by Hal Roach.

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That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.

By Brandie on Oct 15, 2010 From True Classics

I recently received a copy of Saul Austerlitz’s Another Fine Mess: A History of American Film Comedy, which was released last month. It is, in a word, engrossing. But a pithy, single-word review won’t do, will it? Nor is that single word sufficient, really, to explain to you how wonderf... Read full article

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Lord Leopold Plumtree: By the way, Colonel, do you have any horses?
Ollie: [posing as Colonel Buckshot] I'm sorry... I shipped all of my horses to my plantation in Kentucky.
Lord Leopold Plumtree: Kentucky? What part of Kentucky do you come from, Colonel?
Ollie: [fondly and grandly] Omaha... dear old Omaha!
Stan: I thought Omaha was in Wisconsin.

Colonel Wilburforce Buckshot: Just a second! I forgot my bow and arrow!

Ollie: Ahhh... at last I have found it, Lord Appletree!
Lady Plumtree: PLUMtree... PLUMtree! Lord Leopold PLUMtree! Accent on the "LUM". My cahd.
[He reaches in his pocket for another card, but accidentally takes out three cards at once, which he hands to Hardy]
Ollie: [leafing through the cards and reading them off one-by-one] "Plumtree"... "Plumtree"... "Plumtree"... I am terribly sorry.

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The main titles for "Another Fine Mess," one of the team's earliest sound comedies, is spoken by two pretty girls in movie usher uniforms.
Based on a 1908 sketch written by Stan Laurel's father.
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Daring Darleen Candlewick
Also directed by James Parrott

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Also produced by Hal Roach

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Also released in 1930

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