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Annie Get Your Gun Overview:

Annie Get Your Gun (1950) was a Musical - Comedy Film directed by George Sidney and Busby Berkeley and produced by Arthur Freed and Roger Edens.

Academy Awards 1950 --- Ceremony Number 23 (source: AMPAS)

Best Art DirectionArt Direction: Cedric Gibbons, Paul Groesse; Set Decoration: Edwin B. Willis, Richard A. PefferleNominated
Best CinematographyCharles RosherNominated
Best Film EditingJames E. NewcomNominated
Best Music - ScoringAdolph Deutsch, Roger EdensWon

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Annie Get Your Gun (1950)

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Annie Get Your Gun (1950) 12 Saturday Nov 2016 Posted by Summer Reeves in 1950s, Cinema, Comedy, Musicals, Romance ≈ 14 Comments Tags1950s, Comedy, Musical This post is a fantastic post to tell you, dear readers, about the time I ra... Read full article

You can’t get a role with a gun: the story behind “Annie Get Your Gun”

By Jnpickens on Aug 16, 2011 From Comet Over Hollywood

I had always read that ?Annie Get Your Gun? was a horrible experience for Betty Hutton. Actors and stage workers were cold towards her, she wasn?t invited to the movie premiere and MGM wasn?t the warm home she found at Paramount. For years, I read this treatment was attributed to the fact that Betty... Read full article

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Quotes from

Annie Oakley: [calling after Frank as he's walking away] Hey, mister...? Don't you like girls?
Frank Butler: [not comprehendeding the question] Well... sure!
Annie Oakley: [realizing it herself] I'm a girl.
Frank Butler: [laughing condescendingly as he walks away] That's fine.

Chief Sitting Bull: Sitting Bull live by three words: Keep bow tight, Keep arrow sharp,
[and with finality]
Chief Sitting Bull: No put money into show business.
Charlie Davenport: [rhetorically] How'd we ever get this country away from them?

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Facts about

The existing footage of Judy Garland shot prior to her leaving the production shows that some key sequences, most notably "I'm an Indian Too" were originally to have been shot on a sound-stage, rather than outdoors. Besides the major roles mentioned above, several child roles were also recast between Garland leaving the film and production resuming with Betty Hutton, as evidenced by the Garland version of "Doin' What Comes Naturally".
Script and casting problems delayed the filming schedule for three months, which allowed Judy Garland to appear in In the Good Old Summertime in relatively good health.
Louis Calhern replaced Frank Morgan in the role of Buffalo Bill after Morgan died just as filming was getting under way. But if you look closely at Buffalo Bill's very first appearance on his horse, you will see a second of Frank Morgan before the shot of Calhern.
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Best Music - Scoring Oscar 1950

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