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All Fall Down (1962) was a Drama - Film Adaptation Film directed by John Frankenheimer and produced by John Houseman and Ethel Winant.

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All Fall Down (1962)

By Beatrice on Oct 31, 2017 From Flickers in Time

All Fall Down Directed by John Frankenheimer Written by William Inge from a novel by James Leo Herlihy 1962/USA John Houseman Productions First viewing/Amazon Instant Mrs. Mandel: [Slight pause, then chuckles coyly] Well, in that case, I won’t have to take a sleeping pill tonight. I took qu... Read full article

All Fall Down (1962)

By Angela on Aug 20, 2012 From Hollywood Revue

Sixteen-year-old Clint Willart (Brandon De Wilde) wants to be just like his older brother Berry-Berry (Warren Beatty).? Berry got out of his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and now spends his days roaming from city to city and picking up lots of women along the way.? When Clint arrives in Florida to giv... Read full article

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Annabell Willart: Ralph, you're gonna' have to talk to Clinton.
Ralph Willart: [Not terribly concerned] Yeah? What about?
Annabell Willart: [Exasperated] "What about?" Do you realize that boy hasn't set his foot inside a classroom in the past two months?
Ralph Willart: Well, maybe he doesn't like the school he has to go to.
Annabell Willart: [Sarcastically] Well, maybe we should call the School Board and ask them to start a new school, just to please "His Majesty."
Annabell Willart: [Now without the sarcasm] Ralph, will ya' talk to him?

Echo O'Brien: Just a little trouble with the distributor.

Ralph Willart: [Berry-Berry has gotten himself in trouble again, requiring yet another effort on Ralph's part to wire him "rescue" money] Yeah, that knucklehead's got it in his head that Western Union is some sort of bank. I'll tell you what he's good at: he's a colossal expert at getting money outta' Western Union. You know what he went and did?
Clinton Willart: No.
Ralph Willart: He didn't tell ya', huh?... You know who he took a poke at? A woman! He don't fool around, that big gorilla, no sirree. Some dame says something he don't like... WHAM! - lays her out. And the "Old Man" carries the gold down to Western Union.

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Also directed by John Frankenheimer

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Also produced by John Houseman

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