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After the Fox (1966) was a Comedy - Crime Film directed by Vittorio de Sica and produced by John Bryan.

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Peter Sellers and Neil Simon? It's After the Fox!

By Rick29 on Apr 27, 2020 From Classic Film & TV Cafe

The Fox masquerades as a director. Imagine Peter Sellers starring in a comedy written by Neil Simon and directed by Vittorio De Sica (Bicycle Thieves)! A talented trio, to be sure--but also a seemingly unlikely one. And yet they teamed up in 1966 to make the Italian comedy After the Fox. It's almo... Read full article

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Aldo Vanucci: [to the police chief] In films either you have got a face or you don't got a face. You have got a face.

Aldo Vanucci: [the stolen gold is delayed and Fabrizi has to shoot some of his 'neo-realist' film] We are ready for the next shot, only in this scene instead of doing *nothing*, we do *something*.
Tony Powell: [exasperated] What?
Aldo Vanucci: Running, running.
Tony Powell: What are we running from?
Aldo Vanucci: From yourselves. Uh, you get the symbolic meaning?
[Tony shakes his head 'no']
Aldo Vanucci: Aah! No matter how fast you run, you can never run away from yourselves!
Tony Powell: Aahh! Beautiful!

Aldo Vanucci: [as Fabrizi, explaining the concept of his movie] Tony plays 'The Fox'...
Tony Powell: [interrupting] An animal picture!
Aldo Vanucci: No, "The Fox", a master criminal with an ingenious plan to smuggle gold into Italy, and - a surprise ending!
Harry: What's the ingenious plan?
Aldo Vanucci: THAT is the surprise ending.
Tony Powell: I love it! When do we start shooting?

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The scenes of the film that Aldo Vanucci and Gina Vanucci watch starring Tony Powell (Victor Mature) are actually scenes from the film Easy Living starring Victor Mature and Lizabeth Scott.
Musicians in the band on the soundtrack included bassist Jack Bruce and Burt Bacharach on piano.
The actor portraying Moses (in the Biblical epic being filmed by De Sica in the desert) has a hairstyle modeled on Michaelangelo's renowned sculpture, "Moses"; horns are sculpted into the actor's hair, mimicking the horns in Michaelangelo's statue (placed there due to a mistranslation of the Bible, in which the Hebrew word for "rays" was misread as 'horns').
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