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Adventures of Don Juan Overview:

Adventures of Don Juan (1948) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Vincent Sherman and produced by Jerry Wald.

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Quotes from

Queen Margaret: I asked you that when I was Queen, but I am no longer.
Don Juan: You are. You always will be. I shall be the only one to knew that for just a little while there was no Queen.

--Errol Flynn (as Don Juan de Maraña)
Lady Diana: You're here at last. You found me!
Don Juan: Indeed I have.

--Errol Flynn (as Don Juan de Maraña)
Duke de Lorca: Tell me, Don Juan, do you hire men to spread the words of your romantic conquests.
Don Juan: No, Your Excellency, that's a service that's always been done for me free of charge.
Duke de Lorca: You have a ready tongue. It's a pity it's been used in such idle pursuits.
Don Juan: A matter of opinion, Your Grace. Some men prefer the conquest of beauty to the conquest of the throne.

--Errol Flynn (as Don Juan de Maraña)
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Facts about

The scene when Don Juan (Errol Flynn) is seen escaping on horseback over the castle drawbridge and into the forest through a triangular beam of light shining through the trees is footage taken from The Adventures of Robin Hood.
Errol Flynn did not wear a wig and let his naturally curly hair grow for the role. The producers were worried about it becoming unruly during the climactic fight scenes, so it was decided that he wear a bandanna.
Besides footage from The Adventures of Robin Hood for Don Juan's escape into the night - footage also from The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex was used for Don Juan's entry into London. A ten year younger Errol Flynn can clearly be seen as Essex in the distant shots as he leads his entourage through London to the palace just as Don Juan is doing in the later film
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