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Adventures of Don Juan Overview:

Adventures of Don Juan (1948) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Vincent Sherman and produced by Jerry Wald.

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Don Juan: It seems to me Your Grace is preparing for war.
Duke de Lorca: Does the idea frighten you?
Don Juan: Frankly it does. I'm by nature a peaceful man, Your Grace. It's true I've done some fighting in my time, but it's usually been for something worthwhile like, uh, a beautiful woman. To risk your skin for a piece of extra ground - that is terrifying!

Queen Margaret: [to Don Juan] The palace has large keyholes. My informer has small ears.

Don Juan: A man gives up everything: a rich full life and the first time he tries to be utterly sincere, what happens?
Leporello: That's exactly what I'm trying to find out.
Don Juan: Well, mind your own business!

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Facts about

French visa # 8575.
Claude Rains was originally cast as the Duke de Lorca.
Film editor Alan Crosland Jr.'s father, Alan Crosland, was the director of the original Don Juan, with John Barrymore, who was a close friend of Errol Flynn, the star of this film.
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Also directed by Vincent Sherman

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Also produced by Jerry Wald

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Also released in 1948

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