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Adventures of Don Juan (1948) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Vincent Sherman and produced by Jerry Wald.

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Don Juan: It seems to me Your Grace is preparing for war.
Duke de Lorca: Does the idea frighten you?
Don Juan: Frankly it does. I'm by nature a peaceful man, Your Grace. It's true I've done some fighting in my time, but it's usually been for something worthwhile like, uh, a beautiful woman. To risk your skin for a piece of extra ground - that is terrifying!

Queen Margaret: [to Don Juan] The palace has large keyholes. My informer has small ears.

Don Juan: [to Count de Polan] Your Excellency, I don't consider myself particularly wasteful or useless. I'm just seeking happiness, the same as any man. Our viewpoints differ that's all.

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The scene when Don Juan (Errol Flynn) is seen escaping on horseback over the castle drawbridge and into the forest through a triangular beam of light shining through the trees is footage taken from The Adventures of Robin Hood.
Finnish censorship visa # 030459.
The last of 13 films that Alan Hale appeared in with close friend Errol Flynn. Hale died on 22 January 1950, just over a year following this film's release.
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Also directed by Vincent Sherman

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Also produced by Jerry Wald

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Also released in 1948

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