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Adventures of Don Juan Overview:

Adventures of Don Juan (1948) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Vincent Sherman and produced by Jerry Wald.

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Don Juan: Beloved, no power on Earth could've kept me from you. In all this world there's been but one image in my heart, one vision before my eyes...
Catherine: Yes, yes, go on...
Don Juan: I have loved you since the beginning of time.
Catherine: But you only met me yesterday...
Don Juan: Why, that was when time began!

Duke de Lorca: Next time I shall cut you deeply.
Don Juan: Next time I shall wear my old clothes.

Don Juan: [to Duke De Lorca] The sword is not for a traitor. You'll die by the knife!

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Facts about

Errol Flynn did not wear a wig and let his naturally curly hair grow for the role. The producers were worried about it becoming unruly during the climactic fight scenes, so it was decided that he wear a bandanna.
Erich Wolfgang Korngold was assigned to score this film when shooting began in 1945 and even sketched some themes. When production was postponed until 1947 (due to Errol Flynn's illness and other problems) Max Steiner replaced Korngold because, by then, he had announced his retirement from motion pictures. In October 1947 he suffered a heart attack and, in spite of pleas from Leo F. Forbstein, Music Chief at Warners, Korngold refused to return to the studio.
With the failure of Errol Flynn's non-action films Escape Me Never and Never Say Goodbye, Warners producer Jerry Wald argued that the star should return to a large-scale swashbuckler, especially after Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk and The Adventures of Robin Hood had enjoyed recent successful theatrical revivals. Unfortunately for Flynn, this film continued his string of critical and financial flops, and the budgets of subsequent Flynn films were reduced considerably.
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