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Adventures of Don Juan Overview:

Adventures of Don Juan (1948) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Vincent Sherman and produced by Jerry Wald.

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Don Juan: [to Duke De Lorca] The sword is not for a traitor. You'll die by the knife!

--Errol Flynn (as Don Juan de Maraña)
Duke de Lorca: Tell me, Don Juan, do you hire men to spread the words of your romantic conquests.
Don Juan: No, Your Excellency, that's a service that's always been done for me free of charge.
Duke de Lorca: You have a ready tongue. It's a pity it's been used in such idle pursuits.
Don Juan: A matter of opinion, Your Grace. Some men prefer the conquest of beauty to the conquest of the throne.

--Errol Flynn (as Don Juan de Maraña)
King Phillip III: This is treason!
Queen Margaret: You will never succeed. The people will rise against you!
Duke de Lorca: Shepherds may change, but sheep remain sheep.

--Robert Douglas (as Duke de Lorca)
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Facts about

In "The Films of Errol Flynn," it was alleged that Errol Flynn's drinking necessitated a good deal of "shooting around" him, but on the DVD commentary director Vincent Sherman says that this only happened once.
Claude Rains was originally cast as the Duke de Lorca.
At the end of the film, the young woman in the coach asking Don Juan for directions is Errol Flynn's wife, Nora Eddington.
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