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Abbott and Costello in Hollywood (1945) was a Comedy Film directed by S. Sylvan Simon and produced by S. Sylvan Simon and Martin A. Gosch.

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Gregory LeMaise: [In disguise with a beard] Did you ever hear the one about the guy who was so brave he stuck his right arm into a lion's mouth, right up to there.
[he motions to his shoulder]
Abercrombie: [also in disguise] He stuck his right arm in a lion's mouth up to there?
[also motioning to his shoulder]
Gregory LeMaise: Yrah!
Abercrombie: His right arm?
Gregory LeMaise: Yeah!
Abercrombie: What's his name?
Gregory LeMaise: Lefty!
[he breaks into raucous laughter]
Abercrombie: [he spills his drink into Ambercrombie's turban which is on his lap] You get it?
Abercrombie: [both are laughing] I didn't get it that time.
Gregory LeMaise: You didn't?
Abercrombie: No, no.
Gregory LeMaise: Lefty!
[he laughs even louder as Ambercrombie absentmindedly puts his turban on, drenching himself with the drink]
Gregory LeMaise: [Ambercrombie stops laughing] You know, you're a great fellow. You made me forget my troubles.
Abercrombie: You've drowned mine!
Gregory LeMaise: [laughs] You've got troubles too?
Abercrombie: Yes, sir.
Gregory LeMaise: [laughing] No, but I've got real troubles. I killed a man!
Abercrombie: [reacting to the camera] A man killed me. That's why I'm wearing this fake beard.

Abercrombie: A face like mine is hard to forget.
Buzz Kurtis: How do you know?
Abercrombie: I've been tryin' for years!

Buzz Kurtis: You can't sleep?
Abercrombie: No.
Buzz Kurtis: I've got just the thing for you. Don't go away.
[He leaves the room]
Buzz Kurtis: [returning with a phonograph record] Well, pal, here it is.
Abercrombie: What do you got there?
Buzz Kurtis: [reading the label] 'Go To Sleep with Dr. Caswell Snide.'
Abercrombie: Oh, no! I wanna sleep alone!

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The film, made by MGM under the studio's loanout deal with Universal for the team's services, is set on the MGM lot, but the studio's major stars - Clark Gable, Lana Turner and Judy Garland - are only mentioned by name and not seen. The actual cameos were confined to second-tier stars Rags Ragland, Preston Foster, Jackie 'Butch' Jenkins and Lucille Ball.
This is the last of three films that Abbott and Costello made on loan to MGM while under contract to Universal, the other two being Rio Rita and Lost in a Harem. During production on this film, Abbott and Costello returned to the Universal studio on May 13 for re-shoots for their film, The Naughty Nineties.
After the disappointing performance of this film at the box office, MGM dropped its option to produce more Bud Abbott & Lou Costello films.
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