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A Kiss for Corliss (1949) was a Comedy Film directed by Richard Wallace .

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Dexter Franklin: Hi, Mr. Archer.
Harry P. Archer: Oh ...
Dexter Franklin: This is tomorrow.
Harry P. Archer: I'll make a note of that fact on my calender.
Mrs. Janet Archer: Do you mind, Dexter, we're awfully busy.
Dexter Franklin: But you promised to talk to me about the blackmail today.
Harry P. Archer: At this moment there is nothing in the world I'd be willing to talk to you about. Now get out!
Dexter Franklin: Holy cow!

Mrs. Janet Archer: Well, um, well, it's all very silly, but the fact is that my daughter has written a - a sort of diary.
Kenneth Marquis: Indeed? Well, I'm confident that it reflects her girlish charms.
Mrs. Janet Archer: Well, um, this diary is, um ...
Kenneth Marquis: You are talking, I take it about that volume that your husband is clutching in his clammy hands?
Mrs. Janet Archer: Well, it's all quite ridiculous, and I'm sure you'll be the first to - Go ahead, Harry. Please read some of it to Mr. Marquis, and then he'll realize how crazy the whole thing is.
Harry P. Archer: [Reading] "Not all women know really great love. And so few can save the man they love from himself."
[clears his throat]
Kenneth Marquis: Doesn't read very fluently, does he?
Harry P. Archer: "Kenny-boy is so sweet. I'm lucky I found Kenny-boy in time." Kenny-boy is you!
Kenneth Marquis: Really?
Harry P. Archer: That's from my daughter's diary.
Mrs. Janet Archer: Silly, isn't it?
Kenneth Marquis: No, I like it.
Harry P. Archer: It's just schoolgirl romantic nonsense! But, there are reasons why we couldn't question Corliss.
Kenneth Marquis: Naturally, after your contemptible invasion of the privacy of her diary.
Harry P. Archer: It's none of your business what I do.
Kenneth Marquis: My name is mentioned.
Harry P. Archer: I'll burn every page. Only a fool would think there was any truth to this.
Kenneth Marquis: Every single word of it is true.

Corliss Archer: Daddy, I've just got to have a dollar and a half.
Harry P. Archer: I told you to wait outside.
Kenneth Marquis: Rather than witness your churlish behavior, I should be most happy to advance or let's say donate the money myself.
Corliss Archer: That's very sweet of you.
Harry P. Archer: Don't take that money!
Kenneth Marquis: Your poor father's ungraciousness stems partly from a natural tendency to be stuffy, and an unnatural reluctance to part with his holding money.
Taylor: Kenneth, take it easy.
Corliss Archer: Oh, you don't know my daddy at all. He's really very -
Harry P. Archer: Don't speak to that man!
Corliss Archer: Daddy, about my dollar and a half -
Taylor: Archer, if we could get back to the business at hand -
Harry P. Archer: [to Corliss] I'll talk to you outside. Now. Alone.
Kenneth Marquis: If I were in your position, I should be completely underwhelmed.
Corliss Archer: It's been awfully nice meeting you, Mr. Marquis.
Kenneth Marquis: Oh, and if the indignity of taking money from Daddy Dear ever becomes too great to bear, don't hesitate to call on me.
Taylor: Stop needling Archer, or we'll never get a settlement.
Kenneth Marquis: You know, I'm seriously considering dedicating my entire life to the needling of Harry P. Archer. Nothing gives me greater pleasure.

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This was Shirley Temple's last film and her only starring feature since 1934 which did not receive a contemporary New York Times review.
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