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A Kiss for Corliss (1949) was a Comedy Film directed by Richard Wallace .

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Mrs. Janet Archer: Well, um, well, it's all very silly, but the fact is that my daughter has written a - a sort of diary.
Kenneth Marquis: Indeed? Well, I'm confident that it reflects her girlish charms.
Mrs. Janet Archer: Well, um, this diary is, um ...
Kenneth Marquis: You are talking, I take it about that volume that your husband is clutching in his clammy hands?
Mrs. Janet Archer: Well, it's all quite ridiculous, and I'm sure you'll be the first to - Go ahead, Harry. Please read some of it to Mr. Marquis, and then he'll realize how crazy the whole thing is.
Harry P. Archer: [Reading] "Not all women know really great love. And so few can save the man they love from himself."
[clears his throat]
Kenneth Marquis: Doesn't read very fluently, does he?
Harry P. Archer: "Kenny-boy is so sweet. I'm lucky I found Kenny-boy in time." Kenny-boy is you!
Kenneth Marquis: Really?
Harry P. Archer: That's from my daughter's diary.
Mrs. Janet Archer: Silly, isn't it?
Kenneth Marquis: No, I like it.
Harry P. Archer: It's just schoolgirl romantic nonsense! But, there are reasons why we couldn't question Corliss.
Kenneth Marquis: Naturally, after your contemptible invasion of the privacy of her diary.
Harry P. Archer: It's none of your business what I do.
Kenneth Marquis: My name is mentioned.
Harry P. Archer: I'll burn every page. Only a fool would think there was any truth to this.
Kenneth Marquis: Every single word of it is true.

Harry P. Archer: [Addressing the court] Seldom in my long career as an attorney have I ever encountered a man who can claim no virtue. But I say to you, you have such a man in your courtroom today. Cold-blooded and ruthless, unmoved by the pain he has caused, Kenneth Marquis smugly sits there gloating. And a poor, loyal, trusting girl suffers. A girl, I say, and yet, she is little more than a child, innocent, and unworldly. Kenneth Marquis treated her like dirt, your honor. And from the moment they were married, yes, even on her bridal night, insults and injuries were heaped upon her.
Kenneth Marquis: [to his attorney] Included in that heap was a 50 foot schooner and a string of pearls. To say nothing of a blond mink, a silver blue mink, and a rainbow mink. Bless her furry little heart. Much as I dislike that poisonous wench, I'm beginning to dislike that attorney of hers even more, if possible.

Kenneth Marquis: Perhaps you could explain to me how I happened to find myself in this position?
Taylor: Because you belatedly came to what little sense you have. Try and get out of it now, and you have a breach of promise suit, a stockholder suit, and why go on with the list?
Kenneth Marquis: Well, I certainly shan't number it among the gayer weddings to which I have participated. Maybe I'm spoiled, but the others were much more fun!
Taylor: I don't know, I thought the blood in your father-in-law's eye lent a nice touch of festive color.

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This was Shirley Temple's last film and her only starring feature since 1934 which did not receive a contemporary New York Times review.
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