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A Hole in the Head (1959) was a Comedy - Drama Film directed by Frank Capra and produced by Frank Capra and Frank Sinatra.

The film was based on the play of the same name written by Arnold Schulman performed at the Plymouth Theatre, NY from Feb 28, 1957 - Jul 13, 1957.


Tony Manetta (Frank Sinatra) is a widowed dad who owns a small hotel in Miami Beach called The Garden of Eden where he lives with his 12-year-old son, Ally (Eddie Hodges). He's also a big dreamer and a big spender with a weakness for 'Eves.' Tony's nonchalant and irresponsible lifestyle constantly lands him in debt, and it has finally reached the point where he will lose his hotel if he can't pay his landlord $5,000. With nowhere else to turn, he calls on his brother Mario (Edward G. Robinson) who has lent him money many times before. Suffice it to say that Mario is fed up with 'the bum's' hard luck stories and fanciful dreams, and gives Tony an ultimatum...


Sinatra had one of the biggest hits of his career with the film's Oscar-winning song, "High Hopes." Sinatra also owned the film's screen rights and offered the project to Frank Capra, who came out of retirement to direct the film.


Academy Awards 1959 --- Ceremony Number 32 (source: AMPAS)

Best Music - SongMusic by James Van Heusen; Lyrics by Sammy CahnWon

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Quotes from

Tony Manetta: Sophie, Mario... I was wondering if, well... would you take Ally to live with you?
Sophie Manetta: Ally? But he don't want to go with us.
Tony Manetta: I don't care what he wants. And don't put me through a ringer Sophie, not you. You were absolutely right Mario. I'm nothing but a bum. Never have been anything but a bum. I had the money right in my hand, but I blew it trying to impress a guy who knows me like a book. Like you know me. Like everybody else knows me -- except me. A cheap, chiseling, conniving bum. And I don't want Alley to be like that, so please take him with you.

Mario Manetta: What's the matter? Would it break your arm to pick up the phone?
Julius, his son: What's the point, It's for you.
Mario Manetta: How do you know? What are you a mind reader?
Sophie Manetta: Mario!
Mario Manetta: Everything he knows... our brilliant son.
Julius: Nobody would call me here.
Mario Manetta: Nobody should call you anywhere.

Mario Manetta: What's love anyway? Is it going to put a roof over his head? Is it going to fill up his belly?

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Facts about

The protagonist of A Hole in the Head is, Tony Manetta (Frank Sinatra), a Miami hotel operator of The Garden of Eden. The actual hotel used for the exterior shots was the Cardozo Hotel, located on Miami Beach's Ocean Drive. The hotel has been owned by Gloria and Emilio Estefan for many years.
In the film, A Hole in the Head, Keenan Wynn plays a character based on Walt Disney who agrees to go into a partnership with Tony Manetta (Frank Sinatra) to build an amusement park in Florida (the film predates Disney World).
Nearly all of the characters' names were changed from the original play.
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