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A Hard Day's Night (1964) was a Musical - Comedy Film directed by Richard Lester and produced by Denis O'Dell, David V. Picker and Walter Shenson.

Academy Awards 1964 --- Ceremony Number 37 (source: AMPAS)

Best Music - ScoringGeorge MartinNominated
Best WritingAlun OwenNominated

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Quotes from

John: [cuts tailor's tape measure with scissors and in girly voice] I now declare this bridge open!

John: [repeated line; to Norm] You're a swine.

[Grandfather and Ringo are held in a police station]
Grandfather: Have they roughed you up yet?
Ringo: What?
Grandfather: Oh, they're a desperate crew of drippings, and they've fists like mature hams for pounding poor defenseless lads like you. One of us has got to escape. I'll get the boys. Hold on, son, I'll be back here.
Ringo: For me?
Grandfather: And if they get you on the floor, watch out for your brisket.
Ringo: They seem all right to me.
Grandfather: Ah, sure, that's what they want you to think. All coppers are villains.
Police Inspector: Would you two like a cup of tea?
Grandfather: See, *sly* villains.

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Facts about

Ringo Starr's answering a reporter's question "Are you a mod, or a rocker?" with "I'm a mocker" was voted as the #58 of "The 100 Greatest Movie Lines" by Premiere in 2007.
In the scene where Paul McCartney's grandfather suggests Ringo Starr to be parading instead of reading a book, the book he's reading is "Anatomy of a Murder".
George Harrison stumbles and falls during the opening sequence of the group running down a street towards the camera. This wasn't intended and he ripped the suit he was wearing, but as he quickly recovered, laughed and continued running, it was decided to retain the shot in the film.
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Best Writing Oscar 1964

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Also directed by Richard Lester

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