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A Dandy in Aspic (1968) was a Drama - Thriller/Suspense Film directed by Laurence Harvey and Anthony Mann and produced by Anthony Mann and Leslie Gilliat.

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Sobakevich: I mean, if you want to turn this into a gun war, it's all right with us - but our reserves are closer.
Gatiss: Who do you think you are, Al Capone?
Sobakevich: Who's Al Capone?
Gatiss: He was a megalomaniac gangster who murdered anyone who got in his way.
Sobakevich: Really? Whatever happened to him?
Gatiss: He changed his name to Stalin and moved to Russia.
Sobakevich: I thought he sounded familiar.

Gatiss: [to Caroline about Eberlin] I do believe you two would have gone on well together. You haven't got a past, and he hasn't got a future. None at all.

Gatiss: I don't like you, Eberlin. I don't like you because you're weak and dishonest. But even more, I don't like you because you're frightened of me, and that disturbs me. I want to know why. You can tell me; I'm a very understanding man.
Eberlin: You haven't got an ounce of understanding or emotion in your body. You died the moment you were born. And when your heart finally stops beating, it'll be a mere formality.

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Director Anthony Mann died during production and was replaced by Laurence Harvey.
Debut credited English-language feature film of actor Calvin Lockhart who played the character of Brogue.
Laurence Harvey received top / first billing, Tom Courtenay received second billing and Mia Farrow received third billing.
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