William Gargan

William Gargan

After his 1960 laryngectomy, he devoted most of his time to the American Cancer Society.

Brother of character actor Edward Gargan, who appeared with him in Miss Annie Rooney (1942) and Follow That Woman (1945).

Died in flight between NY and San Diego

Early in his career, between acting jobs, Gargan got a job selling bootleg whiskey to New York City speakeasies. He was partnered, and began a lifelong friendship, with another aspring actor named Dave Chasen, who later became a famous restauranteur and opened up the famed Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood.

Portrayed detective Ross Dolan on ABC Radio's "I Deal in Crime" (1946-1947).

Star of NBC Radio's "Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator" (1951-1955). His character's name was spelled originally as "Barry Crane," later on as "Barrie Craig" and then finally as "Barry Craig."

Was a member of what was known affectionately as "the Irish Mafia", and often played characters with that background: policemen, priests, reporters and various blustering adventurers.