Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig and his wife Judy Levitt appear together in the "Babylon 5" (1994) episode "A Race Through Dark Places" which aired in 1995.

Walter Koenig is of Russian and Jewish descent, which made him a perfect candidate for Chekov on "Star Trek" (1966). His family had emigrated from Lithuania, USSR and changed their original surname (Koenigsberg).

As of 31 August 2006, he is the only original "Star Trek" (1966) series cast member who has not received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Attended Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa, with a major in pre-med. Transferred to UCLA where he received a BA in psychology.

Author of "Raver" comics in 1994.

Because his hair was too short, had to wear a wig in his first appearance on "Star Trek" (1966).

Before becoming Chekov on the classic "Star Trek" (1966) series, Walter Koenig auditioned for the role of hip surfer, Stu Casey (later Riley) a character introduced for the 1965 (year two) season of "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (1964). Koenig lost the part to actor Allan Hunt, who only played the part for one year since he was drafted into service in Vietnam. But the two actors stayed in touch over the years and are the best of friends. Allan Hunt even directed a play that starred Walter Koenig and Hunt's fellow former 'Voyage' co-star, Del Monroe (Kowalski).

Father of Andrew Koenig and Danielle Koenig.

Father-in-law of stand-up comedian Jimmy Pardo.

Had bypass surgery in 1993.

Has appeared in episodes of three different series with George Takei: "Star Trek" (1966), "Diagnosis Murder" (1993) and "Futurama" (1999).

Has written episodes for "The Class of '65", "Family" (1976), "Land of the Lost" (1974), "The Powers of Matthew Star" (1982), and "Star Trek" (1973) (Animated).

His Russian accent is faked on the show albeit he is really Russian.

Is an avid collector: His collections include Star trek Memorabilia (with a shelf completely devoted to the character Chekov) Buttons, Comic Cards, Pins, and "Little Big Books". He gives us a brief tour of his collections in the segment "Life Beyond Star Trek" in the Season Two release of "Star Trek: The Original Series".

Last name is pronounced "Kaynig"

Often complained about the character, Pavel Andreievich Chekov, he portrayed over the years as having no levity on Star Trek. As well as getting hurt through the motion pictures and series.

Only original "Star Trek" (1966) series actor not to provide voices for the animated version of the series, although he did write an episode for it.

Was cast as Chekov on "Star Trek" (1966) because of his resemblance to Davy Jones. The producers were hoping to attract a younger audience, including girls.

Was scheduled to reprise his role as the villainous Bester in an episode of the "Babylon 5" (1994) spin-off series "Crusade" (1999) entitled "Value Judgements". Unfortunately, the series was canceled weeks before the episode was to be filmed. Walter Koenig was terribly disappointed by this, as he has stated publicly that he considers it his favorite "Bester" script.

Was the only Enterprise crew member to interact face-to-face with Khan (Ricardo Montalban) in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). Ironically, Khan recognizes him even though he did not appear on the original series episode "Space Seed".